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Asset Tracking System Videos

The videos on this page have been produced so you can see what our asset tracking system looks like and how easy it is to use.

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The videos are not intended as a replacement for a onsite or online demonstration, so please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

User Defined Fields

This video shows how user defined fields are used extensively to tailor the system to your exact needs.

user defined fields video

By using almost exclusively user defined fields, you are only prompted to enter information that is relevant to your organisation.

Asset Barcodes

asset barcode video

The video shows how assets are booked into the system and asset barcode labels produced.

Mobile Computers

This video shows how mobile computers are used to track assets no matter where they go. You will see the actual mobile computer screen and see just how easy it is to use.

tracking assets with mobile computers video

After viewing this video, we suggest you look at the Configurable Tracking Stages video, so you can see how the mobile computer prompts are set around your specific requirements.

Location Audits

In this video, we look at how mobile computers are used to carry out Location Audits (check that assets are where they are expected to be - some people call it a stock take).

asset tracking location audit

You will see a sample check, the mobile computer screens and resulting reports on the website.

Asset Reports

The video looks at the Reports you get within our asset tracking system, their common features such as Column Grouping, Searching and Filtering, Export to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel files.

asset tracking reports video

You will also see Tracking Reports for a number of assets, which show you how the tracking data from the mobile computers is used.

Configurable Tracking Stages

This video shows you how we configure the system around how you wish to work.

asset tracking stage video

Every screen and prompt on the mobile computer is controlled by tracking stages that we or you configure around your requirements. This makes the system so easy to use, as it looks as if it was designed solely for you.

Automatic Emails

Here we look at how you can configure emails to be sent on key events such as:

  • Missing Item Scanned
  • Item Reported Missing
  • Damage is Reported
  • Asset goes through a set Tracking Stage

asset tracking email notification video

The examples shown will also highlight how you can make the email request specific to an asset owner, asset category, asset description etc.


If you have watched the Configurable Tracking Stage video and wish to see the rest of how a system is configured, this is the video to watch.

asset tracking software configuration video

Alternatively, if you have not watched the Configurable Tracking Stage video, the video below is better as it shows the configuration including Tracking Stages

a video showing full configuration of our Asset Tracking System