Delivery Tracking Software

  • Easy to set up Email Requests
  • A Sample Email
  • Sample Email Setup Screen Shots
  • Set which events trigger an email to be sent and for which assets they apply to

Automatic Email Notifications

With our Asset Tracking System it is easy to keep everyone informed on what is happening with the organisations assets. Better still it takes just a few minutes to set up and runs for ever.

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Staff responsible for keeping track of assets are catered for and so is everybody else. For example a Department Manager may want to be kept informed of when their departments iPad's is loaned out, or perhaps when a location audit finds that a Laptop Computer belonging to their department is not in the location it was meant to be in.

Setting Up Email Requests

You can set up as many Email requests as you like and better still, it is so easy to do.

After logging in, you click on the Email Request button and click on the "New Email Request" button and fill in the form:

  • Provide a "Subject" for the Email
  • Enter the To, CC and From Addresses
  • Select what causes the Email to be sent
  • Set Filters to narrow down when the email request applies
  • Enter the message
  • Details of the asset are added automatically

Click on the Images below to see an full size Example Email

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  • Click Image to see Full Size Image

Events that Trigger an Email to be Sent

When setting up the Email request you can specify, what causes the email to be sent. Here are the main options:

  • Asset goes through a specific Tracking Stage
    • You then set the Tracking Stage
    • Examples - Loaned, Allocated, Delivered, Van Loaded...
  • Asset Fails to complete a specific stage
    • You then set the Tracking Stage
    • Often used to notify people on failed delivery attempt
  • Damage is reported for the asset
  • Reported As Missing
  • Asset Reported as Missing is Found (Scanned)
  • Moved to a Asset Home Location
  • Moved to a File Registry Location
  • Moved to a Customer Location
  • Moved to an Internal Location
  • Moved to Any Location


Filters allow you to set very precisely which Assets the email will apply to. Without any filter, the email will apply to all Assets in the system, but you can narrow this down by any one or any combination of the following:

  • Asset Barcode
  • Asset Description
  • Asset Category
  • Owner

The combination of using more than one filter proves to be very flexible. For example - restrict to "Assets Owned by the Accounts Department" that are in "Asset Category: IT Equipment".

Asset Tracking Email Filter

An example of a Filter - in this case, the email will only be set if the Asset belongs to the "Laptop Computers" category and is owned by the "Media Studies Dept".