Delivery Tracking Software

A Complete Solution

We provide all of the services and hardware needed to make your Asset Tracking system a complete success.


Our engineers will come onsite to help install the software and hardware.

Prior to installation we will send our installation guide to your IT Department so that they are fully briefed on what needs to be done before we arrive and whilst we are on site.

We are often able to help with importing data or setting up a connection to an existing database, so you can import data with a single click.


We supply mobile computers, RFID kit, barcode readers and printers ourselves. This allows customers to know that if there is a problem - it is a single call to one organisation.

Asset Tracking Software Hardware

Since we are authorised business partners for Honeywell, Psion, Datalogic and Zebra Technologies we can:

  • Provide extended warranties on hardware
  • Arrange Warranty and Out if Warranty Repairs
  • Have access to the manufacturers:
    • Technical Information
    • Technical Support Engineers
    • Repair Facilities

  Asset Tracking Hardware


After talking to you, we will agree on the best form of training for your organisation. This might take one or multiple of the following options:

  • Train the Trainer
  • Train all Users

User Training

The most common option is actually to train one person to trainer level and then train the other users to a basic level. We also find spending an hour or two with every person as they start to use the system in earnest is really useful.

In any event we will come onsite to ensure your staff are given first class training.


SupportWe provide Telephone and Email support during UK office hours.

Support is provided by us, the people that produced the system, all based in the UK (United Kingdom).

Support contracts are available to all customers and cover both software and hardware.