Delivery Tracking Software

Mobile Computers for Asset Tracking

We supply advanced, rugged mobile computers for our Asset Tracking Systems.

Our software was designed to run on any mobile computer with a Microsoft operating system (Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded and Windows CE). That way we can offer a range of mobile computers for our customers needs.

The mobile computer / PDA that we supply for Asset Tracking is the Psion EP10.

Inbuilt Barcode Reader

Our units feature dedicated inbuilt barcode readers, which are much quicker and easier to use than cameras on smart phones.

The barcode reader will be used for scanning Asset Barcodes and Location Barcodes.

Signature Capture

On Screen Signature Capture on Mobile ComputerThe Psion EP10 features a large touch screen, making it ideal for capturing signatures. The person simply signs on the screen

On most units, the screen can be a little too small - but the larger screen on the Psion EP10 eliminates this problem.

If you allocate or loan assets to staff and get them to sign a piece of paper, you can eliminate the paper altogether by having a tracking stage where they sign on the screen.




Inbuilt Camera / Damage Reporting

Damage Reporting Using Inbuilt CameraOur Asset Tracking software allows you to take digital photographs using the mobile computers inbuilt camera.

The most common use is to take a photograph of damage to as asset. This is then attached to the asset reports, along with the date and time, text description of asset and the name of the user who reported it.

In the photograph, a user noticed a cracked screen on this smartphone and immediately reported it. The picture clearly shows the level of damage which will be useful later on when a manager asses what action to take.

Wireless LAN, 3G, GPRS and Desk Cradle

DeliveryPoD Asset Track allows mobile computers to send data to the website via Wireless LAN, Mobile Phone Network (3G, 4G, GPRS etc) or desk cradles.

Wireless LAN Communications

Wireless LAN / 3G allows data to be sent in seconds

If using Wireless LAN / Mobile Phone Network the mobile computer will simply store data when it is out of Wireless Coverage and send it when it detects it is back in coverage. The fail safe programming means that data is only deleted after the mobile computer receives an acknowledgement from the website that data has been saved.

Industrial Mobile Computers

The mobile computers we supply are designed to provide 8 hours of continuous use, survive multiple drops from 1.5 meters to concrete and are IP54 sealed (protection against dust and rain).

Asset Tracking

Mobile computers are mainly used to track assets by selecting a tracking stage from the main menu and following the simply onscreen instructions. Tracking stages are configured to your exact requirements, but may include:

  • Scan into Location (select / scan location, scan asset)
  • Allocate to Person (Select Person, Scan Assets, Obtain Signature)
  • Loan to Person (Select Person, Select Return Date, Scan Assets, Obtain Signature)
  • Scan Onto Courier (Select Courier, Scan Assets, Enter Driver Name and Obtain Signature)

Tracking data is fed back to the website by your choice of desk cradles, Wireless LAN or Mobile Phone Network (3G, 4G, GPRS).

Location Audit

Location AuditMobile Computers are also used for Location Audits.

Users are asked to scan the location barcode or select the location from a menu. Next they are asked to scan all of the assets in the location.


During the process, the user can see what they have scanned, items expected to be in the location that have not yet been scanned as well as items scanned that were not expected to be in the location. more information


We are highly knowledgeable on all aspects of mobile computing.

Since we are authorised resellers for Psion, Honeywell and Zebra we have full access to the manufacturers support services.

We can provide you with Service Contracts and Extended Warranties on all the mobile computer equipment that we provide.