Delivery Tracking Software

Single PC to Multi Site Capability

Our Asset Tracking System is designed and priced for organisations of all sizes.

The system is web based, so it can be installed on anything from a single standalone PC through to a powerful corporate server allowing thousands of people across multiple sites to use the system.

Web Based Asset Managenent Software

DeliveryPoD Asset Track is Web Based

It is simply a case of selecting the right level of hardware and database for the number of users you have.

Single PC Installation

 You can run DeliveryPoD Asset Track on a single PC with one mobile computer. Quite a few people run DeliveryPoD on a single PC and it works well.

If the PC is connected to your email system, you can still use the automatic email facilities. If the PC is on your network, you can access the website from other PC's (although the number of concurrent users will be limited).

Should you wish to upgrade later and move the system to your server, this is possible and the data will be moved across as well.

DeliveryPoD can be installed on a single PC

Software Licensing is based on the number of users, so we are price competitive even for small systems (against other full service providers - i.e. not people that just ship you boxes!).

We will install a Microsoft SQL Express database (free of charge database) to store the data.

Server Installation

Designed as a Web Based application, DeliveryPoD Asset Track will normally be installed on a customers Server (or third party server).

Once installed, anyone with a web browser can access the website and system.

Web Based Asset Tracking System

Any Connected PC with an Internet Browser can be used

In almost all cases Microsoft SQL Express (free of charge) will be more than adequate, however the system can utilise higher performance editions of Microsoft SQL if required.

Multi Site Asset Tracking

DeliveryPoD can allow you to keep track of your assets across multiple sites all on the same system.

Multi Site Asset Tracking System

Large organisations can track assets globally

The software allows you to set up limitless Buildings and Locations within those buildings. You can even set up tracking stages for tracking the delivery of an asset from a location on one site to a location on another site, perhaps with these stages:

  • Scan onto Mail Trolley
  • Scan Into Mailroom Location
  • Scan Onto Courier (record courier, driver, signature)
  • Scan Onto Site (scan location barcode)
  • Deliver to Person at Desk (obtain name and signature)

Please see the Tracking Stages section to see more about this.