Delivery Tracking Software

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Configurable Tracking Stages

We wanted DeliveryPoD Asset Track to be the easiest system to use on the market. To achieve this goal, we put in fully configurable tracking stages, so everything mould around how you wish to work.

We will configure the tracking stages for you after talking about how you work. However you can edit them, delete them and add new ones yourself. It is really easy:

  • Type in a Name for the Tracking Stage
  • Tick the boxes on the screen
  • Click on "Save"

Only the tracking stages you decide to use are shown on menu's, so there is no clutter and staff see descriptions that mean something to them.

The tick boxes allow you to control what the mobile computer will prompt the user for.


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Powerful And Flexible

The level of control that the configurable tracking stages gives to you is truly remarkable.

The following "location" of Assets is all supported:

  • Buildings / Sites
  • Physical Locations
  • Trolleys
  • Vehicles
  • Depots
  • Couriers
  • People (both staff and customers)

Other things you may ask your tracking stage to do are:

  • Obtain a Signature
  • Obtain a Name
  • Select a Person / Type in a Person (allocations or loans)
  • Take a Photograph
  • Record a Vehicle Registration
  • Record the Courier, Vehicle Registration, Drivers Name
  • Record Damage by Text Entry and Photograph
  • Record Failed Stages (e.g. Nobody To Sign) Text and Photo
  • Retire an Asset

Imagine you had valuable assets that needed to go from a location in Building A to a Person on another site. With DeliveryPoD you can go to this level (if you wish):

  1. Scan Onto Trolley
  2. Scan into Mailroom (perhaps scan location barcode)
  3. Scan Onto Courier (record Courier, Registration, Driver Name and Signature)
  4. Scan Into Location (Site 2, which removes it from couriers list)
  5. Scan Onto Trolley
  6. Allocate to Person (select person and ask to sign)

At every step you know where the asset is. For example if it was scanned onto the courier but not scanned off at the other end you know the courier should still have the asset! You also know the Courier, drivers name, vehicle registration and have their drivers signature.

Automatic Email Requests

Did you know, you can also configure automatic emails to be sent when a particular tracking stage is completed or fails to complete?

This means you can do things such as ask DeliveryPoD to send an email when an Asset is Scanned into a Location or perhaps Loaded onto a Courier.

You can make this apply to all assets, individual assets, asset categories, assets with a set description or for assets owned by a set person or department.

You can even set emails to notify somebody when a delivery could not be completed for say all assets in say the "X-Ray Parts" category of assets. more information

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Linking Into Reports

The tracking stages are closely linked to the DeliveryPoD Reports.

If you need to see what is on a Mail Trolley, Vehicle, Building, Location, Loaned to Person, Allocated to Person etc - you can just go to that report to get a full list of Assets.