Delivery Tracking Software

User Defined Fields

DeliveryPoD Asset Track provides a powerful set of user defined fields, so that you can record the information that is important to you.

We will set up the User Defined Fields for you when we install and configure the system. However you can change them at any time, as it is really easy to do.

User Defined Fields Setup Screen

The above screen shot shows part of the Text / Lookup user defined set up screen.

Notice that you can set up the fields for the user to type text into or to select an entry from a drop down menu (you enter the options in a lookup table).

You get the following User Defined Field options:

  • 10 Text / Lookup Table Fields
  • 1 Notes Based Field
  • 5 Number / Currency Fields
  • 2 Date Based Fields

Benefits of Our User Defined Fields

By using User Defined Fields, we aim to allow you to capture just the information you need, rather than prompting you to enter data you do not wish to enter. Even if you leave the boxes blank, they are a distraction and take up valuable screen space.

Since you just see what you need to, our software looks much easier to use than other systems.

The obvious benefit is that if you need to record something that is really unique to you - you can do this quickly and easily.

Click Image to see Full Size Image

The above screen shows how few fields you may need if you just record what you need. This looks simpler to staff, so they view it as easy to use. They also do not spend time recording data that you just do not need.


Data Entry Knows Each Field Type

The differences between the user defined field types are known in all of the data entry areas of the system. Data entry then provides the best way for entering the data:

  • Lookup Tables - Drop down menus
  • Text - Text Boxes with minimum and maximum length validation
  • Dates - Calendars with quick month / year changes
  • Numbers / Currency - Dedicated number entry boxes

User Defined Drop Down Menu

If you define a field as a Lookup Table, the user will be prompted to select an option from a drop down menu.

Calendar entry for a date based user defined field


Reports Know Each Field Type

Reports know what type of field each user defined field is and act intelligently:

  • Date based fields are show as dates. Search options show calendars and you can set a search of "between" two dates.
  • Number based fields are shown as numbers with decimal points and number based entry system.
  • Text based fields are shown as text boxes.


User Defined Fields In Asset Tracking Report

In the above screen shot, "Current OS", "Warranty Expires" and "Fixed Repair Cost" are User Defined Fields.

Notice that the report is aware that "Warranty Expires" is a Date Field, so it offers a Calendar for selecting a date (it also allows you to search for data that is before a date, after a date or between two dates).

The "Fixed Repair Cost" is a number field, so it displays it as a number / currency. Filtering options reflect that it is a number field as well.