Delivery Tracking Software

File and Document Management System

document management systemDeliveryPoD File Track is an off the shelf file and document management system.

The system uses barcodes and mobile computers to keep track of your paper files, records and documents no matter where they go.

Storage and Retreival

The system provides strong support for storing and retreiving paper files and documents:

  • Create as many "Buildings" as you like
    • Give each Building a Name
    • Set any "Tags" - "Internal Site" or "Customer Site"
    • Reports can be filtered on Name, Internal Site, Customer Site
  • Within a Building create as many "Locations" as you like
    • Give each Location a Name / Description
    • Set "Tags" for the Location:
      • File Registry
      • Internal Location
      • Customer Location

        You can use these tags in Searches / Reports to restrict the items in locations, to Customer Locations, Internal Locations and File Registry Locations
  • Option to Print Barcode for each Location

 file registry area document storage in file registry

System supports Storage Locations with barcode printing and scanning - so you accurately record where the item was stored

Mobile Computers are used to scan the Documents and Files into the Locations you have set up. The normal process is:

  1. Scan the Location Barcode (or select via a menu)
  2. Scan the File / Documents Barcode

Our configurable tracking stages allow you to set options such as asking the user to sign on the screen etc, perhaps to encourage extra care.

Web Based for Easy Access

It is easy to access the system, just use the web browser already on your PC, Laptop or Tablet Device.

Web Based Asset Tracking System

Web Browser access allows Tablets, Laptops, PC's, Smartphones

Of course if your device has a Wireless link to your network / website you can access Searches / Reports, wherever you are in coverage.

The website can be hosted on your private network (intranet), world wide web or even on a single PC.

There is no charge for accessing searches / reports. You can simply email the Web Address, User Name and Password to each person you want to provide access to.

Email Requests

Email requests can be set up to keep both staff and owners aware of key events such as:

  • Document reported missing
  • Missing item found
  • Document completes a specific tracking stage
    • Entry into File Registry
    • Leaves File Registry
    • Loaned
    • Returned from Loan etc
  • Failed Delivery Attempt Occurs
  • Damage is reported

Location Audits

The mobile computer software allows you to carry out sophisticated Location Audits. Now you can check that the files and documents you expect to be in the locations are actually there.

Document Management System Brochure

document management system brochurePlease click on the image to download the document management and tracking system brochure.





Tracking Outside of File Registry / Store

The real strength of our software comes from the fact that it provides detailed tracking outside of storage and retreival.

document tracking with mobile computer

Mobile Computers scan documents and files through the tracking stages set up for your environment. Signature capture and taking photographs with the inbuilt camera are just some oof the options.

Our configurable tracking stages support:

Physical Whereabouts Other Data Capture
  • Own Vehicles
  • Couriers
  • Depots
  • Buildings
  • Locations
  • Mail Trolleys
  • Staff
       - Loan (set Due Back date)
       - Allocation
  • Customers
       - Loan (set Due Back Date)
       - Allocation
  • Signature Capture
  • Enter Name
  • Take Photograph
  • Damage Recording
       - Text Entry
       - Photograph
  • Failed Delivery Attempt
       - Text Entry
       - Photograph
  • Destroys / Retires Item

Now you have a system that can be configured to track items outside of the storage areas.

You may wish to loan a document, but track it through every step of the way out and back:

  1. Scan out of File Registry and onto a Mail Trolley

        mail trolley

    The system know which mail trolley the document is on, the mobile computer users name and the date and time it was scanned onto the mail trolley
  2. Scan onto Vehicle

    The system will know it is no longer on the mail trolley, but is now on a specific vehicle (Registration etc), which mobile computer used scanned it on and the precise date and time.
  3. Deliver to person who requested document
    1. Obtain their name and signature
    2. Possible scan a location barcode (desk label etc)

The route back might be similar, but the key point is that you can now keep track of items while they are out in the field.

What Reports Do You Provide?

These are the main reports:

  • Document Search - a quick way to find files and documents  no matter whether they are in Physical Locations, On Loan, On a Vehicle, with a Courier etc.

Physical Location Manifests

  • Building Manifest - documents in each building
  • Location Manifest -documents withina physical location
  • Mail Trolley Manifest - documentson mail trolleys
  • Vehicle Manifest - documents on vehicles
  • Depot Manifest - documentsin depots
  • Courier Manifest - assets on couriers

Loans and Allocations to People

  • Allocated - documents and files allocated to people
  • Allocation History - A full audit trail of all allocations (past and present)
  • On Loan - documentson loan with staff / customers
  • Loan History - a full trail of all loans (past and present) so you can analyse the data to determine things such as staff and customers who you loan to the most, the most popular reasons for loaning documents  etc.
  • Overdue Loans documents on loan, past their due back date


  • Damage Reports - damage reports with photographs
  • Cant Complete Reports - Failed delivery attempts, with photographs.
  • Missing Assets documents registered as being missing

Condition, Creation and Retirement

  • Documents  by Condition - assets by last known condition
  • Planned Retirement -documentsby expected retirement date
  • RetiredDocuments - a list of retireddocuments
  • Documents by Creation Date - documents organised by creation date