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The brochures and guides for our DeliveryPoD Mailroom system are below:

DeliveryPoD Mailroom - Main Brochure

DeliveryPoD Mailroom Brochure

Please click on the image above to download the main brochure for Mailroom Tracking


Benefits and ROI Calculations - Mailroom

benefits of internal mail tracking

Please click on the image above to download our guide to the benefits of internal delivery tracking and a guide to help you calculate the return on investment in your organisation

Mail Tracking System

The mail tracking system is an off the shelf solution for tracking all forms of internal delivery such as Mail, Parcels and Documents.

The system has been installed in the UK as well as other countries and is now in its 5th version.

The first installation was in 2007, so the product is what we term "mature" or in plain English - well proven.

The system is typically used by Banks, Financial Institutions, Universities, Police and Hospitals to track high value or sensitive items.