Delivery Tracking Software
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Mail Tracking System

DeliveryPoD Mailroom is an off the shelf mail tracking system that tracks inbound mail and parcels with a combination of barcodes and mobile computers.

inbound mail tracking system proof of delivery signature inbound mail delivery tracking report

The mail tracking system can be configured to handle multiple entry points, multiple sites, inter department and outgoing mail (proof of posting etc) if required.

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Web Based

access our mail tracking system via a web browser

Our system is Web Based which is very important:

  • Can be installed on:
    • Your Server - access the system via any Laptop / Tablet

    • PC in your Mailroom - can be networked or standalone
  • Access the System from any PC, Laptop or Tablet Device
    • Use a Web Browser thats already on your computer
    • No need to install software onto every PC / Laptop
    • No License Fee per PC - it is web based!
  • Email notifications can contain a link to the tracking report, so people can click on the link in the email - which shows them the latest Tracking Report in their Web Browser without any keying. There is no cost per PC.

    You can set up an email request so that the person an item is addressed to will receive an email which contains a link to the tracking report on the website. They can then click on the link in the email to see the latest information so they do not need to keep phoning the mailroom. This can be set up for everyone or individual people so there is an opt in service.
  • Option to allow non mailroom staff to access the system (via their web browser) to find answers to their own queries. This can save the mailroom a lot of time. You are in full control, so you can switch this on / off or make and allocate user names and passwords. There is no fee per PC or user - it is web based.

Quite simply this makes our system incredible value for money when compared against competitors that have a cost per PC or user.

You can move from a PC installation to a Server installation later on, without loss of data.

Easy to Use Software

Our mail tracking system was designed to be as easy to use as possible. After many installations we have yet to find anyone that has not managed to use it properly.

Receiving Items / Booking In

Receiving items and booking them in is really easy as you are recording the same information that you do with a pen and paper system.

The difference is that you book items in on a computer rather than writing it in a log book. It is much quicker using DeliveryPoD Mailroom and reading / handwriting issues are avoided too.

The receiving / booking in process is described in detail so you can see just how easy it is to use. To view the receiving / booking in process, please click on this link.

We also have a videos which shows the process and a seperate video showing you how quick it is to use. Please click on this link to access the "booking in" videos.

Delivering with Mobile Computers

We use configurable tracking stages, so everything on the mobile computer is just as if the software was writen especially for you. This makes it much easier to use for these reasons:

  • You are only presented with the options you use
  • The prompting sequence is exactly as you expect it to be - after all it was configured around how you work
  • If you do something wrong, such as scan the wrong barcode, gentle warnings tell you what you have done wrong and what to do next

If you would like to see how easy it is to use, please see the video of the mobile computers in use - click here to access the videos.


No matter whether the website is on a PC or on your server, it is really easy to use.

The website is accessed using the web browser on the nearest PC. Users of different levels have their own area / menus, so they just see what they need to see.

easy to use software menu

The graphical menus emphasize how easy the system is to use, giving new users an immediate feeling of confidence.

Dealing with questions to the mailroom with scan information is now easy:

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The above example handles a query "They sent it DHL, but don't have the tracking number and they did not put my name on it - just 'Legal Department' - can you help me?" This takes hours with pen and paper, but just a few seconds with DeliveryPoD.

Quick to Use

DeliveryPoD has a lot of time saving features built in.

Take for example asking people to type in / print their name before signing - that is a lot of typing if you deliver 200 items per day, per user. We put the persons name (of who it is addressed to in the 2D barcode), so the name is obtained from the barcode so you only type if delivering to a different person. If you deliver 80% of items to the person it is addressed to and deliver 200 per day it saves you typing in 160 names per day which is 40,000 less names to type in per year!

quick to use name and signature capture

Another example is recording the Couriers Barcode / Tracking Number. People often do this, so they can answer questions such as where is DHL 1234 etc.

Our system allows you to simply scan the Couriers Barcode, our software automatically detects the Couriers Name (it looks at the barcode formats used) - so now the process is just a one second scan of a barcode to record Courier Name and Courier Tracking Number.

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These things may not seem like much, but when you are handling hundresds or thousands of items a day it saves a lot of time and removes reading / handwriting errors.

Sample Tracking Report

Tracking reports show a complete audit trail for each item in a consignment, including names, signatures, photographs of damage and failed delivery attempts (e.g. nobody to sign).

Here is a sample tracking report, that has been exported to Adobe PDF, so you can email it, save it to disk or print it.

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Mail Tracking with Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers are used to track the mail and parcels through to their final point of delivery where you typically obtain a name and signature for proof of delivery purposes.

tracking mail deliveries with mobile computers

Mobile Computers are used to scan barcodes, obtain customer signatures and even take photographs to record failed delivery attempts (e.g. nobody to sign, locked office etc) and damage (or items opened before delivery).

For more information on mobile computers click here

Wireless LAN, 3G or Cradles

Mobile Computers can use a Wireless LAN or Mobile Phone Network (GPRS, 3G etc) to send data automatically to the website, which often arrives just a few seconds later. If out of wireless coverage Tracking Data and Signatures are stored and forwarded when the mobile computer moves back into coverage (or is connected to a cradle).

You can simply use desk cradles, in which case Tracking Data and Signatures are stored and sent when the mobile computer is placed in the desk cradle.

Email Notifications

You can set up automatic email requests to keep both staff and the person an item is addressed to informed on progress and problems. Here are a few ideas on how email can help:

  • Delivered to a Colleague -automatically send an email to the person it was addressed to, just in case it was not passed on.
  • Could Not Deliver - perhaps an automatic email a few seconds later will help avoid any disputes.
  • Damaged or Opened Items - perhaps an automatic email to a manager?
  • Items Arrived in Mailroom - This lets people know that items they may be expecting have arrived.

Our sophisticated email configuration allows you to make the email request applicable to items going to One Person, Everyone or a Single Item. This helps you to be specific and avoid people getting what we call "Email Overload".

For more information on automatic emails, click here.

Configurable Tracking Stages

Our mail tracking system has configurable tracking stages, so staff using the mobile computers only see the stages they need to on the mobile computers menu. When they select a tracking stage, they are prompted only for the bits of information you have decided to record and nothing more.

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Tracking stages are set up for you by our staff, though you are free to change them youselves at any time and at no cost.

For more information on Configurable Tracking Stages, please click on this link.

Fast Searches and Reports

When it comes to answering queries, the benefits of the mail tracking system are immediately apparent:

  • Just enter the information you have and click on Search
  • Click the "Search" button and everything matching your query is shown in a few seconds.
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You can access the Tracking Report for an item, by clicking on the "Report" button from any report.

For more information on Reports click on this link

Managers Real Time Reports

DeliveryPoD Pulse keeps Managers in control no matter how busy the mailroom gets. Data is streamed live to your Laptop Computer, PC or Windows 8 Tablet as it happens, keeping you informed of key things and likely problems:

  • Late Prevention - Shows things such as items within 1 hour of being late, but that are still in the mailroom. Now you can take preventative action!
  • Activity as it Happens - Shows you all activity live, which you can filter by Mobile Computer User, Department, Service, Type of Item (letter, parcel, tickets, IT equipment).
  • Overall Statistics - Items received, delivered, on mail trolleys, not collected from mailroom etc.

For more information on our free Real Time Reporting tool, please click on this link

Service Level Reports

service performance level report

Service performance level reports allow you to see how you compared to any set down delivery performance criteria. Unlike manual systems, they take under 10 seconds, even when reporting on 50,000 items.

Please click on this link for more detailed information on Service Level Reports.

Multiple Entry Points

If you have more than one point where items come into the building, that is catered for too. Each can be set up as a unique entry point and given a name (e.g. Mailroom, Goods In, Reception) and items are recorded as entering via that point.

User Defined Fields

If you need to record information that is unique to you, our user defined fields can be used for this. Things such as "Purchase Order" or "Works No" have all been used by our customers.

User defined fields are searcheable, so if you set one up for "Purchase Order", you can search for items based upon "Purchase Order".


DeliveryPoD Mailroom allows you to set up multiple "Services" so you can differentiate between the different services you provide - perhaps "Standard 4 Hour", "Urgent 30 Minutes" and "Personal Item".

For more information on Delivery Services click on this link

Outgoing Mail

DeliveryPoD Mailroom can be configured to track mail from departments and onto couriers / into the post. You can even record the outgoing courier used, courier tracking number, service and price.

For more information on tracking outgoing mail, please click here.

Multi Site Capable

The mail tracking system can be deployed to multiple sites and provide seamless tracking across your entire infrastructure. If you need to track important documents from a desk on one office to a person at a desk in a different office - that is no problem at all.

For more information on multi-site tracking, click here

Fault Tolerant System

Sometimes networks or servers go down and sometimes it seems as though they plan to do it at the worst possible time!

DeliveryPoD caters for this by allowing you the option of using either pre-printed labels or PC based software for generating labels which will work without a connection to the website (it generates a tracking number, prints the barcode, stores the data and forwards it when the connection to the server is restored.

The mobile computer has store and forward built into the software.

So if the network or server fails, you just keep on working normally - which is handy in a busy mailroom!