Delivery Tracking Software

Delivery Services

Mailrooms vary enormously in that some have just a single service that has no targeted delivery time, whilst others have multiple services such as "Express 30 Minutes", "Standard 4 Hour" and set performance targets that have to be adhered to.

Facilities management organisations almost always have fixed targets and potential fines if they fail to meet them.

Our mail tracking system caters for all of these needs, from no timescale / targets through to critical contracts with large penalties for missing them.

Defining a Service

DeliveryPoD Mailroom allows you to set up as many services as you like. It is really easy to do:

  1. Give the Service a Name
  2. Define the targeted delivery deadline
  3. Set the Days and Hours of your Operation

In the example below I am setting up a Service, where we aim to deliver items within 4 hours of arrival:

Delivery Service Configuration

In the above example, we have:

  • Called the service: "Standard 4 Hour" - highlighted in yellow
  • Told the system collections run 9am - 5pm (highlighted red)
  • Told the system we operate Monday to Friday
  • Set the delivery target to be 240 minutes (4 hours) after the item is received (highlighted in green).

    Note that the other option is to set it to be delivered by a set time in the day (e.g. 5pm Same Day).

So if a parcel arrives in the mailroom at 3pm on Friday, the system will see that you have 4 hours to deliver, but there is only 2 hours left on Friday, you do not operate on Saturday and Sunday, so you should be allowed a further 2 hours on Monday, so the item should be delivered by 11am on Monday.

Why have more than one Service?

There can be many reasons for this, including:

  • You are frequently asked to rush things through to a department, meaning that overall you are working less efficiently. This should be recorded if you may then get criticised for not delivering the items as quickly as you would otherwise.
  • Personal Items - sometimes you notice that items coming in are personal items (shopping) and are not part of your contracted business deliveries. You can have a "Personal Service" and either expect them to collect items or record that you delivered them but they were not what the business is meant to be doing.
  • You offer multiple levels of service within your contract

Once set up, users can book in items onto any of the services you have set up. Reports can then show you what was on each type of service and can then be grouped to show you things such as:

  • The number of items being Expressed through the system, broken down by department.
  • The number of personal items, broken down by department then persons name.
  • The number of items on each service by department

Now if you miss your target by 1%, you can talk about the number of Expressed Items and Personal Items that you had to deliver.

Service Level Reporting

DeliveryPoD Mailroom allows you to set up as many "performance zones" as you wish. Each Zone is given:

  • A Zone Name - such as "Very Early", "Early", "On Time", "Late"
  • A Timeframe - e.g. "Early" is between 30 minutes and 10 minutes before it is due, "Very Early is over 30 minutes early"...

Once set up, you can run the Service Level Report:

Unlike pen and paper, the report will be produced in just a few seconds

Click Image to See Full Size Image

A number of key points regarding the Service Level Report:

  • You can select any date range, even a single day or week
  • You can specify ALL Services or just one
  • The report can be specific to ALL senders or just one Sender
  • You can even specify ALL To addresses or just a single person
  • You are seeing just the "Summary Information" TAB. The other TABS show you:
    • Item Details - details of each item
    • Item Details by Zone
    • Failed Delivery Attempts
    • Drag and Drop Column Grouping allows you to organise the report as you wish, so if you want to see Item Details by Zone broken down by Department - that just takes a single click!

All report TABs can be exported to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel files, so they can be printed, saved to disk and emailed.

Late Prevention Tool

In a busy mailroom it is easy for one or two parcels to remain on the side-lines for two long, meaning that they will end up being late.

In an environment where that has damaging consequences and possible fines - it becomes an expensive problem. But we have a tool that helps make such problems a thing of the past!

Click on Image to see Full Size Image

The "Late Prevention Report" runs in real-time on a Managers laptop and allows them to quickly see items in danger of becoming late, whilst there is a chance to do something about it.

  • Set the Timeframe, for example Due Within 1 hour
  • Set the Filters you wish to use, for example:
    • Exclude Items on Mail Trolleys and Vans
    • Now you are seeing items in the mailroom which need to be prioritised.

DeliveryPoD Pulse provides an entire range of real-time reports and more details can be found by clicking on this link.