Delivery Tracking Software

Automatic Emails

Keeping everyone informed of both progress and problems is really easy - you can set up automatic email requests.

These can apply to:

  1. Every Item
  2. Items Addressed to a Single Person
  3. Items Sent from a Single Department
  4. Individual Items

Set up Once - They Run For Years

Email requests are set up once and just left to run until you switch them off.

For example if you want to send an email to the person a parcel or letter is addressed to, every time you can't deliver it (nobody to sign), you simply set up an automatic email request and leave it to run for years.

Links to Tracking Reports in Emails

You may choose to configure DeliveryPoD to allow addressees to access tracking reports of items sent to them (but only them). If so, you can set up emails so a link to the tracking report is put into the email, so the person receiving it can just click on the link to see the tracking report in their web browser.

We do not charge a per PC / Laptop fee for access to the main system, reports and tracking reports. That is important to bear in mind if you are comparing systems and prices.

Anatomy of an Email Request

Email requests are really easy to set up and take less than a minute to do. Here is what a request looks like:

Please Click Image to Enlarge

The steps to set an Email request are:

  1. Enter a Title for the Email
  2. If the Email should go to the person the item is addressed to, tick the boxes highlighted in green. This will personalise the email by taking their name from the database and fetch the persons email address from the database when the email needs to be sent.
  3. Add in any other TO, CCC addresses and a FROM address.
  4. Decide if the email should apply to all items, or just those going to a particular person (highlighted in blue). If you select a specific person a menu will appear allowing you to select the person.
  5. Enter your message
  6. Select what causes the email to be sent (section highlighted in red). The list of options are shown below:

    Email Trigger Selection

    If you select "Package Completes a Specific Stage" a menu will show, allowing you to select the stage you want:

    Selecting a Specific Tracking Stage

    You stages will almost certainly be different, as they are configured for each customer.

    A common use of Stage Specific triggers is to let an addressee know when an item is loaded onto a Van or Mail Trolley so they can try to ensure they are in for when it is delivered.
  7. Click on Save and it will run until you delete the email request.

You can also set emails that apply to just one item.

If you have multiple entry points, multiple sites or track outgoing mail - you can make the Emails specific to one sender. For example the Finance Department may want emails sent when they put the address labels on, but nobody else wants this - just make the email specific to them (Sender Specific) and the problem is solved.

So that's it, a thorough but easy way to keep everyone informed.

Solving Common Mailroom Problems

Lets look at a few common problems that affect a lot of mailrooms and how we can solve them with almost no work at all:

Nobody to Sign / Failed Delivery

Nobody to SignYou try to deliver an item, but nobody is there to sign for the items.

Later on the person says they were there all the time and is upset with the mail team.

DeliveryPoD already allows you to record failed delivery attempts and take a photograph. But why not, go a step further:

Answer - Configure an Email request, so that an email is sent to the person the item was addressed to when a failed delivery attempt was recorded.

  • The person receiving the email sees that you are being proactive and helpful by letting them know. In any event, they can see the event has been logged and in our experience no longer claim they were not there.
  • Some customers put a link in the email, so the person can click on the link and see a picture of their empty desk with a time and date stamp!

It is also worth thinking that if the item was needed urgently for something really critical, all of a sudden that email may have made a massive difference to that person / department.

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Delivered to Colleague - not passed on!

parcel delivered to colleagueThe person it was addressed to was not there, but a colleague signed for the item and promised to pass it on, but they forgot and have left the office!

The person who expected the item is now on the phone and in a desperate state.

Answer: Configure an Email that is sent when an item is delivered, but not to the person it was addressed to. The email is sent to the person it was addressed to.

This should arrive quickly after the item was delivered so it is there in the addressees inbox when they get back to their desk.

If your system is configured to put a link in the email, they can click on the link and see who signed for the item. Otherwise they can ask their colleagues or phone the mailroom.

The key is, that they know as soon as possible.

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Special People

Some people ask the mailroom to do things that nobody else wants them to do. For example - "let me know when an item is received for me."

Sometimes a secretary of a Director, will want to be notified when an item for the Director arrives.

automatic email being sentIf you set an email up for everyone that is triggered on delivery, you would probably get a lot of calls saying stop sending me all these emails!

Answer - set up an Email request that only applies to items sent to that person. They get what they want, but without it sending emails to everyone else.

Damage or Opened Parcel

damage to a parcel is reportedMost Managers hate it when it is a customer telling them that something is damaged or opened, rather than a member of staff telling them so that they can phone the customer!

Answer - Just configure an email that goes to the Mailroom Manager that is triggered when damage is reported. Now the manager hears about damaged and open items much, much earlier so they can manage the situation better.


Mail To Collect From Reception

a receiptionistSometimes mail comes into reception (or another are of the site), but not regularly enough for it to be worthwhile sending someone to check all the time.

Answer - Set up Reception as a separate Sender and configure an email to the mailroom that is triggered when the Tracking Labels are printed, but set only for that Sender (Reception). Now the mailroom will be notified when there are items waiting for them to collect in reception.