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Mail Tracking System Videos

The videos on this page have been produced so you can see what our mail tracking system looks like and how easy it is to use.

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The videos are not intended as a replacement for a onsite or online demonstration, so please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Booking In Mail and Parcels

This video shows the normal process of booking in items.

It includes a speed test, so you can see how quickly you can book in 10 separate items. Much quicker than pen and paper.

Booking In Mail Video

We also show how user defined fields can be quickly set up, so you can record things that are specific to your organisation and how they are searchable. The example includes a Purchase Order field.

Can we use the Courier Barcodes?

We are asked this question so often, so we thought we would explain why it is best to record them, but print your own barcode as well.

Can we use courier barcodes for internal tracking video

If a company is suggesting you use the Couriers Barcode to book in and deliver the item - we strongly suggest you watch this video.

Menus and What You Get

Easy to use menus video

This video shows you the main Staff menus, so you can quickly see:

  • It is really easy to use
  • The reports and functions you get with our system

Service Level Reporting

Here we show you how you can obtain a Service Level Report for any period of time (single day - a year) in a few seconds.

service level reporting video

The video shows you how performance zones are set up, how the report can be run for a single or all departments, one service or all services etc. It will show you how column grouping allows you to analyse your data and see how failed delivery attempts affected your performance.

Late Prevention Tool

Imagine having a tool that told you when items were in danger of becoming late, while you still had a chance to do something about it.

Late prevention tool video

The video shows you that you can have this today! We look at the Late Warning Predictor in DeliveryPoD Pulse (a free tool we provide for mailroom managers).

Web Based - What does it mean?

This video explains what "Web Based" means for non technical people.

We look at what this means to mailroom staff in plain English and how it may benefit them.

Web Based System - explanation video

Did you know you can have a Web Based System on a single, standalone PC?

How about being able to check on a delivery from the nearest PC, phone or tablet?

Using the Mobile Computers

Here we show you the mobile computer being used to track items in a variety of setups.

mobile computers in mail tracking video

You will see every screen from Logging On to Obtaining Signatures and recording Damage with the inbuilt cameras.

Configuring Tracking Stages

Our system is configured around the way you work. This goes to the point of Menu Options and Prompting Sequence on the mobile computers - yes, you can actually control exactly what your staff are asked to do at each step!

mail tracking stage video

In this video we show you how we configure the tracking stages (which you can also do yourself), for a few common mailroom scenarios:

  • Basic Delivery
  • Customer Collects
  • Damage Reporting
  • Using Mail Trolleys
  • Using Delivery Vans
  • Failed Delivery Reporting

Reports and Searching for Items

This video shows you how easy it is to find items and get to the tracking report.

Reports and Seraches Video

Mailrooms often get asked questions such as "a customer sent it Royal Mail Recorded but has lost the tracking number and only put the department name - where is it?" The video shows how easy this is to deal with using our mail tracking software.

Managers Real Time Reporting

It is often important to see things as they happen, not after they happen!

Real Time Reporting video

This video shows DeliveryPoD Pulse which allows Managers to see a constant stream of useful information:

  • Overview (items in, delivered, not deliver, on trolleys etc)
  • Late Prediction - e.g. show me items within 45 minutes of being late not yet on Trolleys.
  • Activity as It Happens - Option to drill down to follow items to a specific department, type of item (letter, parcel, IT equipment), mobile computer user etc
  • Service Level Reporting - Runs in 5 seconds, so you can see how you are doing throughout the day, every day - if you want

Setting Up Automatic Emails

automatic email video

In this video we look at the role of automatic email in keeping people informed and at just how easy it is to set them up.

We set up automatic emails for:

  • Items Received at Mailroom - Setting up an email that notifies the person an item is addressed to that it has arrived at the mailroom.
  • Failed Delivery - nobody at desk to sign for items
  • Delivered to Colleague - to stop that scenario of the person who promised to pass the items on forgot to and left the office!
  • Items Damaged - sending an email when a mobile user reports that an item is damaged or opened.
  • Person Specific Email - setting up automatic emails, that only apply to items addressed to one person.