Delivery Tracking Software

Mobile Computers for Mail Tracking

We provide rugged mobile computers for use with our mail tracking system.

Our mail tracking software was designed to run on any mobile computer with a Microsoft operating system (Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded and Windows CE). This ensures we can offer a range of mobile computers for our customers.

Barcode Readers Built In

All of the mobile computers we offer, feature inbuilt barcode readers that are really easy to use.

Digital Camera

The inbuilt digital camera can be used to take photographs of damaged or opened items, as well as empty desks and locked doors (to prove you tried to deliver the items).


Taking Photographs of Damage / Opened Items or Failed Delivery Attempts is easy with the inbuilt digital camera

Electronic Signature Capture

On Screen Signature CaptureIf your system is configured to obtain a signature on delivery, this is done by the person signing on the mobile computers screen.

If you need to obtain the persons name by text as well, you will be pleased to know that the persons name is encoded in the barcode and can be entered just by clicking the "Addressee" button! You only need to type in a name, if it is not the addressee who is receiving the item - saving you lots of time.

Why Not Low Cost Phones and PDA's?

Our view is that non rugged devices, when used all day long and are picked up and put down all the time will suffer from screen breakages and poor battery life.

The other issue can be reading barcodes. They are often OK for reading occasional barcodes, but when you are reading barcodes all day a dedicated barcode reader becomes very important.

The units we provide are:

  • Rugged - designed to withstand multiple drops
  • Long Battery Life - designed for a full 8 hour shift and have hot swappable batteries
  • Integrated High Quality Barcode Reader - This is designed for scanning a high number of barcodes per day and is much easier to use than a PDA's camera for reading barcodes. 

Desk Cradle, Wireless LAN and 3G / GPRS

DeliveryPoD Mailroom allows mobile computers to send data to the website via Wireless LAN, Mobile Phone Network (3G, 4G, GPRS etc) or desk cradles.

Wireless LAN Communications 

Wireless LAN / 3G allows data to be sent in seconds

If using Wireless LAN / Mobile Phone Network the mobile computer will simply store data when it is out of Wireless Coverage and send it when it detects it is back in coverage.

Mobile Computer Desk Cradle

The "Desk Cradle" can be used to send / receive data

Fail safe programming means that data is only deleted after the mobile computer receives an acknowledgement from the website that data has been saved.

Our Mail Tracking Mobile Computers

Today, we are offering the Honeywell 6100, 6500 and Psion EP10 mobile computers. Each of these provides a slightly different flavour for our customers:

Honeywell 6100 

The smallest and cheapest of the devices that we offer.

The unit is available in both Batch and Wireless LAN combinations.

Some feel that the screen is a bit small for full signatures, so people signing tend to write small or use an initial for their first name.
Honeywell 6500

The most popular unit that we have sold over the last few years. It features a big screen which is ideal for signature capture and is still very low in price.

The unit is available in both Batch and Wireless LAN combinations.
Psion EP10

The latest entry of our mobile computers for mail tracking.

The unit has the largest screen of all and has a colour digital camera (the 6100 and 6500 have greyscale cameras).

The unit comes with Wireless LAN and 3G / GPRS as standard.

This unit is a bit more expensive than the others, but you get a larger screen, QWERTY keyboard, colour camera etc.