Delivery Tracking Software


Real-Time Reporting for Managers

DeliveryPoD Pulse is a free Dashboard for Managers that streams data onto their PC, Laptop or Windows 8 tablet. This allows a Manager to see a constantly changing picture of how well the mail delivery service is running.

mailroom overview report

Overview Report / Main Menu

This unique tool provides several functions:

  • Overview - A current snapshot of the number of items Received, Collected from Mailroom, Delivered, Not Delivered, On Mail Trolleys etc.
  • Late Delivery Avoidance Tool - This tool shows you non delivered items within a certain period of being delivered late, so you can take action while there is still time to get them delivered on time.
  • Service Level Reporting - See how you are doing against any set down service level agreements. It takes under 10 seconds.
  • Activity as it Happens - Follow the progress of staff and mail items, as it happens.
  • Manifest Reports - See what is going into and being taken from Locations, Mail Trolleys, Buildings, Vehicles in real-time (as it happens).

Standard Real-Time Report Features

These features are standard in all of the real-time reporting tools:


export reports to Excel or PDF filesData from reports can be exported to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel files. Now you can take a snapshot of a period in time and save it, print it or email it to someone.

Column Grouping

You can organise a report by one or more than one column. Simply drag the Column Title text to the Group By Area (as below) and your report will group on that column.

mailroom reports column grouping

Above we are grouping on Mail Trolley

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The report is now grouped on "Mail Trolley" and I have expanded the "Blue Trolley" to see the items on the Blue Trolley.

You can group on as many columns as you wish and if you export data, grouping is maintained in both PDF and Excel files.

Column Filtering

By clicking on the Column Filter Icon, you can filter on that column. You can filter on as many columns as you wish.

In the above example I am setting a Filter, so that only items for the "Customer Services Department" show in the report.

Column Sorting and Reordering

You can sort the report on any column just by clicking on the column title.

You can drag the columns into any order you like.

Overview Report

This tool shows you your current position with regards to todays deliveries. It is designed to take up only a small part of your screen, so you can leave it running while doing other things.

By seeing the number of non delivered items, items not yet on trolleys and vehicles - you can guage whether or not sufficient progress is being made towards delivering items in a timely fashion.

This can also be a good early warning of an unusually large intake of mail and parcels, so you can see early on if you need more staff or need to prioritise certain mail.

Late Avoidance Tool

If you have a set time to deliver items in and possible fines or other consequences if you are late, this tool is aimed specifically at you.

Each "Delivery Service" you select when booking in calculates the delivery due date and time and of course the system knows the current state of delivery of all items.

The late avoidance report shows you all non delivered items within a set time of being delivered late. You set the time you want and any other filters - such as exclude items already on mail trolleys or on vehicles.

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The example above shows items within 1 hour of becomming late, that are not yet on mail trolleys.

You set the time frame, filters and refresh period - so you get a constant picture of items that you need to keep an eye on, no matter how busy the mailroom gets.

The key concept is that you can identify items that are likely to be late, early enough to take corrective action.

Service Level Reporting

Service Level Reports allow you to see how you measured up against any set down delivery performance criteria. With pen and paper they can take days to calculate, but with DeliveryPoD it takes just a few seconds.

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Service Level Reporting is covered in detail on another page.

To see detail about our Service Level Reporting, please click on this link.

Activity As It Happens

This tool allows you to see delivery activities as they happen.

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You can apply filters, for example to follow a particular mobile comuter users activity:

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In the example below, Filters are being used to only activities where "Parcels" are addressed to the "Legal Department".

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If recording the type of items comming in, you could for example keep watch on the delivery of high value items such as Smartphones and IT equipment, if any theft has been reported.

Manifest Reports

Manifest reports show you all the items in mail trolleys, locations, buildings, vehicles etc.

You can watch as items are moved in and out.

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By using filters or grouping you can do things such as watch activity of "IT Equipment" going into and out of "Tony's Trolley".

Cradle Only Communications

It is important to point out that data is shown to you as it is received at the website, which is typically a few seconds later if using wireless communications on the mobile computers (Wireless LAN, GPRS, 3G etc).

If you are solely using desk cradles, you will see the data when the mobile computer is docked in the cradle and its data sent to the website.

Either way, you will see the data as soon as it is available.