Delivery Tracking Software

DeliveryPoD Mailroom Reports

DeliveryPoD Mailroom Reports make it easy to manage your mailroom by:

  • Allowing you to answer queries fast
  • Prevent late deliveries - see potential problems early on
  • Analyse what is going write and wrong

 Easy Menus

Easy to use menus allow you to quickly get to the report you need:

The following are Staff Manager Level Menus

Main Reports Menu TAB

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Manifest Reports Menu TAB

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Managers Only Reports

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As you can see it is easy to find just the report you want.

Access to Reports

People accessing the reports detailed here, have to log on with user names and passwords.

The system looks at their User Level and shows them the menu appropriate to their needs. The user levels are as follows:

  • Sender - Typically a department or mailroom. They are restricted to seeing only what they have sent. Only really used in multiple entry point, multi site or outgoing mail scenarios.
  • Staff - Staff can see items sent by anyone and all reports apart from "Management Reports"
  • Staff Manager - Managers can see everything staff can, plus Management Reports. They can also log onto DeliveryPoD Pulse, the Managers real-time reporting Dashboard.

    For example only Managers can access Service Level Reporting, Managers Day Console and Manager Level Audit Trail.
  • Administrator - Administrators can alter the configuration of DeliveryPoD itself. The system is set up for you by us, but you can alter the system configuration yourselves - we will train you and give you an Administrator logon.

What Reports Do You Get

The main reports are listed below:

  • Main Search
  • Needs Collecting
  • Non Delivered
  • PoD List
  • Failed Deliveries
  • Damage Reports
  • Tracking Report
  • Vehicle Manifest
  • Building Manifest
  • Depot Manifest
  • Location Manifest
  • Courier Manifest
  • Service Level Report
  • Audit Trail Report

Tracking Reports

Tracking reports can be accessed from any of the Reports / Search areas, by clicking on "Report" in the row of the item you wish to see.

That means if you are looking at what is in a Location or on a Mail Trolley and want to see how it got there - just click on the "Report" button, you do not have to be in the Main Search report.

Tracking reports will first show on the screen, but most people will export the report to Adobe PDF as below:

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In the above example, the mobile computer had a greyscale digital camera (Honeywell 6500) rather than a colour camera.

PDF Reader Toolbar

Once in Adobe PDF Reader, the user can save the report as PDF or Text (you can then email the report), print the report or even email it directly from within Adobe PDF.

The example above highlights the interesting use of taking photographs with the mobile computers inbuilt camera. We often find that whilst people argued about whether they were or were not at their desks when the mail person tried to deliver - this all stops after one or two people see a tracking report with a picture of their empty desk. We often tie this in with automatic emails so the person due to receive the item gets an email saying we were unable to deliver, when they click on the link, they see a tracking report with a picture of the desk to prove the attempt was genuine.

Damage can also be recorded using the mobile computers inbuilt camera, which is also shown in the tracking report.

Managers Real-Time Reports Dashboard

If you are a manager that wants to know what is going on, as it is happening - you really must look at this tool:

Click on this link to view Pulse our real time reporting tool

This tool is free of charge and allows you to see:

  • Overview - Quantity of Items Booked In, Delivered, Not Delivered, On Trolleys, On Vehicles etc.
  • Late Delivery Prevention- This interactive dashboard allows you to specify what to show, for example - "Show me all items within 45 minutes of being late, not on mail trolleys"
  • Follow Staff and Activity As It Happens - with filters, so for example you can restrict it to show activities for "John Spencer" with "Mobile Phones" for "Legal Department".

Standard Features of Our Reports

All reports work the same way, so once you know how to use one report you know how to use all of the reports.

Here are the Standard Features of our Reports:

Quick Search Facility

Finding the relevant items is quick and easy with DeliveryPoD even when the person calling the mailroom asks a difficult question.

  • Enter what information you have in the Search Boxes
  • Click on "Search"
  • All matching results are now visible
  • Click on "Report" in the relevant row to access Tracking Report

In the example below, a person phoned the mailroom and said they were expecting an item between the 8th and 12th November, which was sent on Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, but the person sending it has lost the Royal Mail Tracking number and did not put a persons name on the parcel! The other bit of information is that the person asking is in the legal department.

Click on Image to see Full Size Image

As you can see it was very easy to find all items matching the search criteria.

Column grouping and column sorting adds another dimension to sorting through the results - particularly if there are a lot of them. You could for example drag the "Person" column to the group by area, then the "Delivered" column - the results are then grouped in that order so you can quickly find the section you want and expand it.

Drilling Down to Tracking Report

From any report, you can simply click on the "Report" button the the far left column to view the Tracking Report for that item.

Tracking Reports can be exported to Adobe PDF so you can email them, print them or store them. Below is an example of a Tracking Report in PDF format:

Click Image to see Full Size Version

Note you can also, produce the report in "Non Staff Mode" where the column to the far right is not included and any tracking stages set as "Staff Only" will not be shown.

Export Reports

Reports can be exported to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel files. Any changes to the report such as column re-ordering and column grouping and full maintained in the exported file.

Column Grouping

All reports have a "Group By" area above the column titles.

 group by area of report

You can drag any colum title to that area, to organise the report on that column

Grouping the report by incomming courier

Here the Courier (courier items arrived on) has been dragged to the group by area.

The report now shows the quantity of items, by courier.

If you click on a "+" icon, that section expands to show the next level of detail.

The Department Column has now also been dragged to the group by area so we can analyse Incomming Couriers, by Department and the results are exported to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel files:

Click Image to see Full Size Image


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The report grouped by Courier then Department exported to PDF and Excel files

Drag and Drop Columns

Columns can be dragged into any order you wish and you can alter a columns width by dragging its border.

Column Positions, Visibility and Titles

The start up position of columns can be configured for you and columns you don't use can be made invisible, so they won't show in reports.

Even the Title at the top of each column is configurable.