Delivery Tracking Software

Service Level Reporting

With a manual system it takes days to see how well you performed against any set down Service Level Contract. That means you dread doing them and often only do them once a month or once a quarter.

DeliveryPoD Mailroom changes all that, with Service Level Reports taking less than 10 seconds, even for 50,000 items. They also give you more detail, allow you to filter the report and group the report on any column.

You can now run the report whenever you want, so why not run it daily to see if there are any issues - rather than at the end of the month (when its too late if you have missed your target).

Set Up Your Own Performance Zones

You can set up your own performance zones:

  • Zone Name - give the Zone a name
    (e.g. "Very Early", "Early", "On Time", "Late", "Very Late etc").
  • Time Zone - set the range of time for each of your Zones
    (e.g. "Very Early" is over 1 hour early", "Early is between 1 hour early and 10 minutes early etc)

Once set up, the Service Level Report will use your Zone Names and Criteria.

This means you can set the Zones to match your contract.

Delivery Service Definition

When defining services (e.g. "Standard 4 Hour") the days of collection and delivery are set along with start and stop times and how long you have to deliver the items.

The system has all it needs to know in order to perform high quality service level reporting.

You Choose the Report Parameters

Before running the report you can select to run the report for:

  • One Mailroom / Entry Point or All
  • One Service or All Services
  • To One Department / Company or All
  • Date Range (Start Date and Stop Date)

Once set, you just click on the "Generate Report" button and a few seconds later you will have your report.

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If you leave a parameter set to "All" it will include everything,  so for example the "To" - you can leave it as "All" departments you are delivering to or select a specific department.

selecting All or Specific Department for the report

You can run a Service Level Report for a specific Department or all departments.

service drop down menu

If you have multiple services, you can the report for a specific service or all services.

Standard Data Analysis Features

Customers have been astounded by the information they can glean from or reports, simply by dragging a few columns and seeing summaries of various things within seconds.

One customer analysed failed delivery attempts to find a huge number of "nobody to sign" situations occured for the Sales Department. They then noticed it seemed to occur only on certain days and then noticed it only occured on Friday mornings, then they found out the Sales Department had a meeting every Friday between 9am and 11am. Mail deliveries were re-organised to take account of this.

Here are some standard tools to help you analyse your data (Item Details, Details by Zone and Failed Delivery Tabs):

Column Grouping

Column grouping allows you to organise your report by one or more than one columns.

Simply drag the column you want to organise your report to the "Group By" area.

column grouping

The report is now grouped (organised) by the column you dragged to the group by area:

collapsed column group data

You can now see the items grouped and "+" icons, which you can click to expand that section:

expanding a section

By clicking on the "+" icon of the section you want to look at, you can see the next level of detail (in the above case - the 3 instances of failed delivery attempts to Julie Grey).

You can click on "-" to contract a section.

You may group on as many columns as you like, which makes analysing report data extremely easy:

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Above I have grouped on "To Person" and then on "Description of Issue" so I can quickly see if we are having lots of delivery problems to one person, then how many of each type of instance for that person.


You can filter information by clicking on the Filter Icon on the column you wish to filter on:

filtering mail tracking data

Column Re-Ordering

You can drag columns into the order you want them to be in and adjust their widths by dragging their borders.


Export to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel filesData in the report tabs can be exported to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel Files. Any column reordering and column grouping is maintained in the exported file.

Report Tabs

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The example above shows a Service Level Report for All Services to All Departments for a two day period. It is currently showing the Summary TAB.

In the example above we only set On Time and Late performance zones.

The report will show you several tabs:

  • Summary Information - The number of items in each of your performance zones along with a graph.
  • Item Details - Lists all of the items that matched your date range and selection parameters.
  • Details By Zone - All of the items, but grouped into your performance zones.
  • Failed Delivery Attempts - this lists all of the failed delivery attempts within your date range / parameters. This can be critical information - after all if you failed to deliver on 5% of occassions as nobody was there to sign - well it needs to be allowed for.

When you go to the Item Details, Details By Zone and Failed Delivery Attempts TABS, please bear in mind you can use our standard report features to analyse the data.

Summary Information Tab

This shows the most important information:

  1. The Quantity and Percentage of deliveries falling within each of your performance zones

    service level performance report
  2. Graph of the above information

    service level report graph

The full image of this TAB is shown at the top of this column, the highlights are shown here.

Item Details TAB

The Item Details tab lists all of the items that matched your report paramaters (date range, mailroom / entry points, service, to departments).

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The data shown is flat data (as above), but you can analyse it by Filtering and Grouping on Columns.

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Here the report has been Grouped by On Time and Department (To Company - the column should have been configured). This allows you to quickly click on On Time - False to see the number of items not delivered on time by department. You can then click on the "+" icon to see the item details.

You  can manipulate the report in any way you wish. Then you can export to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel files, and the grouping is maintained.

Have the report data the way you want it.

Details By Zone

The Details By Zone Tab shows all of the items matching your report parameters, however they are grouped (organised by) the performance zone.


You can manipulate the data using further column grouping, filtering and column re-ordering. Now you can analyse the data in any way you wish.

Failed Delivery Attempts

It is difficult for any mailroom team to deliver items on time if there are a lot of instances of faled delivery (nobody to sign, refused to sign, locked office etc.

The Failed Delivery Attempts Tab shows you all failed delivery attempts where the item concerned matched your report paramaters:

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Now you can point out how many times you were unable to deliver items through no fault of your own.

You can drag the "Description of Issue" column to the group by area to see which are the most common reasons for failed delivery attempts:

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Finally you may want to drag "Department" then "Description of Issue" columns to the Group By Area to see if there are particular patterns by department (perhaps a high number of "refused to sign" or "nobody to sign" - but only on Friday Mornings (for example a department meeting every week causing you issues):

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