Delivery Tracking Software

Track Outgoing Mail and Parcels

DeliveryPoD Mailroom allows you to track outgoing mail, parcels and documents.

The tracking system can be configured to:

  • Track outgoing items from departments into the post.

        The process is totally configurable, but might be:
    • Scan onto Mail Trolley
    • Scan into Mailroom
    • Scan into Post (this last step can be more sophisticated if need be - see below)
  • Record the details of how it was dispatched:
    • Courier Used
    • Courier Tacking Number
    • Service Used (e.g. "Next Day by 1pm")
    • Price

Configurable Options

Outgoing items can be tracked from the Department sending them (so you can see if they were collected or not). There are three options for this:

  • PC Software - The department (or person) can have software on a PC that handles contacts and produces tracking labels even if the network is down. The software will be configured so that all labels generated are known to have originated from that department.
  • Web Printing - If you don't want to install software, the user can go to the website and print a Adobe PDF tracking label.

        The advantages of the above two options are:
    • The items are labelled before the mail person arrives, so they just scan them to collect them.
    • The items are visible in the system just as soon as the labels are printed. The mailroom can even see a report detailing how many items need to be collected from each person / department.
  • Pre-Printed Labels - These can work in several ways:
    • They can be supplied in bulk to departments who send mail out, either as 2 part label (so the department keeps one part as a receipt / record of Tracking No) or as a single label.
    • They can just track into the mail without attempting to record who the item is being sent to, or this can be entered on the mobile computer when collecting the item.
    • For addresses departments frequently send items to, you can produce pre-printed labels with the TO address already in them. You simply scan them on collection as the system already knows who they are going to.
    • As soon as a pre-printed label is scanned, it is activated on the system - so it appears on the Non Delivered Items list (until it is delivered).
  • Label in Mailroom - Provided you are not worried about tracking from the department, you can simply produce the tracking label in the mailroom.

DeliveryPoD supports all of the above options, plus a few more that have not been mentioned. You can mix and match as you feel fit.

Reports and Tracking History

Outgoing items are tracked the same way as inbound items and the same reports apply, these include:

  • Tracking Report - The full tracking report, including history, current location, signatures etc.
  • To Be Collected Report - Lists the items not collected, by sending department / location.
  • PoD Report - Lists all of the items deemed to have completed their journey (as far as you are tracking them), with any signatures.
  • Non Delivered Items Report - Lists the items that have not been collected.

The reports all feature:

  • Search on any column or columns - including the senders name, addressee (any part of their name, department, company or address), type of item, service chosen or user defined field.
  • Drag and drop columns - you can order the columns as you wish, alter widths etc.
  • Column Grouping - You can organise your report on any column or columns. So you may want to group by Sending Department, then Type of Item. Grouping is maintained when you export the report or print it.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF files

Proof of Posting

You can setup a tracking stage to record the fact that an item has now gone into the post / onto a courier.

How much information you want to record is entirely up to you. If you just want to scan the item to confirm it is in the post - just tick that box in the tracking stage configuration.

If you need to record the Courier Name, Couriers Tracking Number, Weight, Service (e.g. "Next Day 1pm"), price etc - just tick the appropriate boxes in the tracking stage setup.

Tracking Outgoing Mail

The tick box section for outgoing mail in the tracking stage setup

The boxes you tick, dictate what the mobile computer will prompt for and what information is in the "Proof of Posting" report and "Tracking Report".

Proof of Posting Report

The proof of posting report lists all of the items details (who sent it, who it was going to) along with all of the data you chose to collect (e.g. Courier Name, Courier Tracking Number, Service, Price, Weight, Notes etc).

As with all of our reports you can filter the data (perhaps to just see what one department has sent) as well as group data on one or multiple columns. Classic uses of this are:

  • Analyse Costs Per Department - group by department sending the items. You may wish to then group on other columns - perhaps type of item and / or courier.
  • Evaluate the quantity of each type of item going out, perhaps by department.
  • Analyse the amount of outgoing items by courier, perhaps to negotiate better rates
  • Evaluate whether departments are selecting the most appropriate service

After organising the data in the most appropriate way you can export it to a Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF file (so you can print it, analyse further in Microsoft Excel or email it to others).

Completion, Names and Signatures

The other tick box areas of a Tracking Stage can also be used:

Record as being on a Courier

If you are expecting to scan the item off a courier at the other end, you will tick the box "Moves Item Onto External Courier" and "Record Which Courier" - so that as the item is in transit, you can see it is on that courier until it is scanned off the other end.

The next stage (perhaps "Scan Into Building") will have its "Removes Item From External Courier" box ticked, so as it is scanned in at the other end it is taken of the list of items registered as being on the courier.

Delivered and Signature Options

You can tick in the "Obtain a Persons Name" and / or "Obtain a Signature" boxes if you want the couriers driver to enter their name and sign for the items.

If scanning an item into the post or onto the courier is the last stage you will ever do, you should tick the "Completes Delivery" box of the tracking stage, so it marks the item as being completed once you scan it into the post / onto a courier.