Delivery Tracking Software

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Supplies Tracking System

Our DeliveryPoD system is used by NHS Hospitals to book in supplies and track them to Wards and Operating Theatres.

NHS Supplies Tracking System

The system is caters for both single and multiple Hospital environments as well as distribution from a depot to GP Surgeries etc.

Web Based Supplies Tracking System

The Web based system allows easy, license free access for both delivery staff and wards that receive items.

You can give anyone access by giving them:

  • User Name and Password
  • User Level
  • Set up what they can view - for example you might decide that "Ladybird Ward" staff can only see items booked in for their ward.

Typical Process

The typical process for handling items is as follows:

  • Booking In Items
    • Select the Person or Ward it is for, by typing a few characters of the name (the system uses predictive text to shorten the list)
    • Scan the Couriers Barcode, which records the Couriers Tracking No and automatically selects the Courier Name
    • Enter any other information you may wish to search on, such as Purchase Order No
    • Use the Drop Down Menu (or type in) to enter a description of each item.

      The drop down menu items are easily adjusted, so staff can put in common descriptions, so they can be selected rather than typed in each time.

      You can even import a Barcode Lookup Table, so users can scan a manufacturers barcode (or GS1 barcode) and the description is looked up and put in for them.
    • A Tracking Barcode is printed for each item.

      From this point on, you can find any item quickly by entering whatever information you have (e.g. Purchase Order 123, Ward 50) and all resulting matches are shown.
  • Loading Mail Trolley or Van
    • Select the Van or Mail Trolley (or scan its barcode)
    • Scan the Items you are Loading
  • Delivering Items (with Trolley or Van)
    • Select the Van or Mail Trolley (or scan its barcode)
    • The mobile computer downloads the latest manifest (you can load with multiple mobile computers).
      • The manifest allows the user to see Remaining Delivery Points and Remaining Items at any time
    • Scan first item for Delivery
      • If there are other items for that delivery point, the mobile computer will tell you and invite you to scan them off
      • Obtain a Name (Text)
      • Obtain a Signature

        Supplies Tracking Mobile Computer Signature Capture

Communication Options

We provide a range of communication options on the mobile computers:

  • Desk Cradle Only
  • Wireless LAN and Desk Cradle
  • 3G /4G and Wireless LAN and Desk Cradle

The mobile computers will always store data if does not have a connection to the Website (for example if out of wireless coverage) and it can do this for months, without data being lost.

If there are multiple radio cards, the mobile computer will auto-switch to the fastest / cheapest option.


Web Based System

The tracking system is Web Based, so you can access Reports / Searches via a web browser already on your PC / Laptop / Tablet. This is license free.

Web Based Supplies Tracking System

Now you can allow access to anyone you want, without rolling out software.

Do you get inundated with phone calls from a particular ward?

If so, why not give them access to the Self Service Portal, so they can answer their own queries.

Self Service Portal of NHS Supplies Tracking System

Scaleable System

Being Web Based, the system can be as small as a Single PC / Laptop in the Goods Inwards Area. PC's can host websites very easily.

Equally, it can be installed on our Server (or your Server) to provide higher performance.

Service Level Reporting (KPI)

Often a key requirement in the NHS is to hit Service Level Agreements (KPI's). DeliveryPoD allows you to set your performance zones and run full service level reports in a matter of seconds.

Lateness Prevention

The data from the reports can be exported to PDF for emailing or to Microsoft Excel if you want to futher examine the data.

Actively Preventing Late Delivery

In order to prevent items being delivered late, a free utility called DeliveryPoD Pulse can be used.

Late Delivery Prevention Tool

This utility allows you to say "show me all items within 30 minutes of being late, but exclude those on vans or on mail trolleys".

Now you can see all the items that have probably been mislayed within your mailroom / goods inwards area.

Recording Failed Delivery Attempts

Recording failed delivery attempts is easy:

  • Click the "Can't Complete" button
  • Scan the items barcode
  • Select why you cannot deliver reason
  • Option - Take a Photograph with the Inbuilt Colour Camera

    Taking Photograph to Failed Delivery Attempt

    For example you might want to photograph a locked door or empty desk to prove you really were there!

Automatic Email on Failed Delivery

You can set an automatic email to let the intended recepient know that you tried to deliver, but were unable to.

Recording Damaged or Opened Items

You can record Damage or Opened / Non Sealed items at any point.

When you book something in, this is noted seperately as the implication is that the inbound courier is responsible.

After booking in, mobile computers can be used to record what we call "damage in transit". This can be done via both a text description and by taking a photograph (inbuilt camera).

Automatic Email on Damage in Transit

We would nrmally have an automatic email setup to notifiy a supervisor when damage is reported by one of their staff.