Delivery Tracking Software

  • Modern Web Based System
  • Wide range of application areas
  • Track every step in the Collection / Delivery Process
  • GP Collection Round Tracking
  • In built digital cameras
  • Mobile Comuters
  • Automatic Email Notifications



NHS Tracking Systems

Our DeliveryPoD Tracking system can be used for many applications within the NHS, both within a hospital and outside of it:

In Hospital Supplies Tracking

NHS Supplies Tracking System

When you need to track high value items from point of receipt at the hospital, to point of use (typically wards), DeliveryPoD is the perfect answer. NHS Supplies Tracking - More Information


Pharmacy Tracking

DeliveryPoD Pharmacy can be used to track prescriptions to:

  • Wards - With full online visiblity for Wards / Theatres
  • GP Surgeries / Other Hospitals
  • Outpatients
  • Patients at Home

For more information on Pharmacy Tracking, click here


Mailroom Tracking System for Hospitals

For tracking from the Mailroom to staff in the hospital, DeliveryPoD Mailroom is the perfect solution. For more information on Mailroom Tracking, click here

Patient Record Tracking

Patient Record Tracking System

DeliveryPoD File Track allows you to track Patient Records in each of these areas:

  • Within the File Registry - Scan Barcode on Location, then scan File or Box Barcode
  • Track to Wards - Scan Location Barcode and / or ask member of staff to sign
  • Track Outside of Hospital - You can track to / from GP Surgeries as well.

For more information on our Patient Record Tracking System, click here

NHS Logistics Tracking

NHS Logistics Tracking System

DeliveryPoD is ideal for tracking the delivery of NHS supplies to Hospitals, GP Surgeries, Clinincs and Patients at Home.

You can track individual items by scanning their barcode or by scanning them into a Roll Cage or Outer Box and producing a "Master Barcode". You can scan the Master Barcode to move all items perhaps to the building it is going to, then split the box and scan individual item barcodes to their seperate delivery points.

People can produce tracking labels on any PC / Laptop via the Website or you can use pre-printed tracking labels. So, you can also collect items whilst you are delivering them. 

For more information on NHS Logistics Tracking, click here 

Loan Equipment

If you need to track high value items that are loaned to Staff and Patients, the DeliverypoD Asset Track is a great solution. For more information, please click here

Asset Tracking System for Loan Items


GP Collection Round Tracking

When it comes to collecting Pathology / Patient Records at fixed times from GP Surgeries, DeliveryPoD is the perfect answer:

  • Set Collection Times for each GP Surgery
  • Allocate Collections to Routes
  • Collection Time and Route Progress:
    • Real-Time Tracking at both GP Location and Route Progress
    • Alerts sent on set conditions
  • Track at Bag Level and Individual Item Level

GP Collection Round Tracking System

You can use the same system for both multiple applications. So if a van is going to each GP Surgery, you can collect both Pathology and Patient Records at the same time.

How about recording the delivery of empty Pathology Bags, Envopaks, Controlled Drug Boxes and NHS Supplies. Now you can get real efficiency. For more information please see the Pathology and Patient Record sections below:

Pathology Collection Round Tracking

If you need to track the collection of Pathology Bags or Individual Samples from GP Surgeries to a centralised pathology centre, we have a dedicated system just for this purpose:

You can Track:

  • Individual Sample Bags

    Individual Pathology Sample Bag with Tracking Barcode
  • Pathology Transport Bags

    Pathology Transport Bag with Barcode
  • Scheduled Collection Time at each Surgery against Actual Collection Time
  • Route Schedule against Actual Driver Progress

Click here for more information on Pathology Tracking

Patient Record Collection Rounds

DeliveryPoD is ideal for collecting and delivering patient records to and from GP Surgeries.

It can track:

  • Envopaks / Bags
  • Individual Files
  • Collections To and From GP Surgeries / Clinics
  • Keep Track to Ward / Bed Level in Hospital
  • Track Long Term Storage in File Registry

Patient Record Tracking System

For more information on Patient Record Tracking, click here