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Pathology Tracking System

DeliveryPoD Pathology is a complete system for tracking Pathology Samples from collection at GP Surgeries to delivery at a Pathology Centre.

The system has been designed to provide a complete audit trail (chain of custody) throughout the process.


In addition you can set up schedules for each GP Surgery, allocate them to Drivers Routes and monitor adherence to both the route and location collection schedule.

Since some samples are affected by time on the van, our specialist software allows you to see how long items have been on the van and provide real-time warnings of items getting close to any limits.

Transport Bag Tracking

In some instances customers just want to track when are where transport bags were collected from and delivered to.

In this case we can either apply a fixed DeliveryPoD Barcode to the bag or use an existing barcode that might already be on the bags. In any case, DeliveryPoD allows you to produce barcodes for new bags that do not have a barcode on.

Pathology Transport Bag with Tracking Barcode

Typically a driver will arrive at a Location, scan a Collection Point Barcode (produced in DeliveryPoD) or selects via a menu which records where they are collecting from, then the mobile computer will ask them to perform the actions set for that Location, for example:

  • Scan Empty Bags Dropped Off
  • Scan Pathology Bags being Collected
  • Scan Patient Record Bags being Collected
  • Obtain Name and Signature

This approach is more about proving you attended a GP Surgery and collected certain bags, which were later recorded as being delivered to the Pathology Centre. What it does not prove is that individual samples were placed in the bag or that those samples arrived at the Pathology Centre. It simply says we transported the bags, but we are not trying to track to individual sample level.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Minimal Barcode Scanning - Just scan Transport Bag Barcodes
  • Single Bag Barcode is used for years - no need to print labels or issue pre-printed item level tracking labels to surgeries.

Individual Pathology Sample Level Tracking

For ultimate care of samples (in particular non repeatable, time critical) you will probably want to track to individual sample level.

Pathology Sample Bag with Barcode DeliveryPoD supports this fully and allows each Pathology Centre to take the best fit approach to labelling sample bags etc:

  • Provide GP Surgeries with Pre-Printed Tracking Labels
    • There is an option for 2 part label, the first part is stuck onto the bag, the other is kept as a receipt.
  • Allow GP Surgeries to print their own Tracking Labels
    • Web Printing

      A GP Surgery can be given their own set of User Names and Passwords that link to their Surgery, they can print Tracking Labels on any Printer (with stationary above the minimum DeliveryPoD Label dimensions).

      The Pathology Centre has visibility of the Samples as soon as the label is printed (this can help with advanced planning).

      You can also allow the GP Surgery to use their Website Access to see how their samples are getting on, hopefully saving the Pathology Centre from needing to answer queries such as "has this arrived?"
    • PC Software

      For Clinics of Large Surgeries that need to print lots of labels, they can use our PC Software, which is designed for volume applications and to allow label generation off-line (Network / Internet Down situations)
  • Use Sample Bags with existing barcodes

    Another approach is to purchase Sample Bags with barcodes printed into the plastic itself. We support this approach as well.

Mix and Match Approach

DeliveryPoD Pathology allows you to mix and match your approaches to this and change them at any time. As an example, the following is fine:

  • Small GP Surgeries use Pre-Printed Labels
  • Large GP Surgeries print Sample Level Labels via the Website
  • High Volume Clinics / Remote Labs use PC Software
  • Less Critical Samples can be placed into Transport Bags and for those samples, you just track the Bag

    In effect you could have a 2 level service
    • Critical Items are tracked at Individual Sample Level
    • Non Critical Items are tracked at Bag Level
  • Patient Record Envopacks can be collected at the same time, with Bag Level Barcodes
  • Whilst a van is going to the surgery, perhaps you may want them to collect and deliver other things:
    • Patient Recoprds in Envopaks
    • NHS Supplies
    • Pharmacy Items

Please note that this is all on the same mobile computer, the same software at the same location. Quite simply it is extremely flexible and allows you to handle multiple types of items whilst at a GP Surgery and hence reduce transportation costs.

Empowering GP Surgeries

If you wish you can issue User Name and Password access to GP Surgeries, so they can see where any Individual Samples they have sent are in the process.

Self Service Portal so GP Surgeries can see progress

Hopefully this reduces the number of enquiries the Pathology Centre receive, whilst allowing the GP Surgeries to feel that they receive a higher level of service.

Location Schedules

Each location where you Collect From or Deliver To is set up as a "Location".

Locations are two level in reality:

  1. Building / Site - For example "Pathology Centre", "Smithson Surgery", "High Lane Clinic"
  2. You can then have one or more Locations for each Building or Site. For example:

    Pathology Centre
        "Reception Hatch"

    Smithson Surgery
        "Reception Desk"
         "Bag Store"
        "Blood Test Room"

    High Lane Clinic
        "Reception Desk"

A list of Collection Points

Locations can be given a time schedule and set of driver actions such as:

  • "High Lane Clinic"
    • Mondays 09:30
      • Earliest Allowed 09:25
      • Latest Allowed 09:30
      • Actions to Perform
        • Collect Pathology
        • Collect Patient Records
        • Deliver Pharmacy
        • Deliver Empty Envopaks
    • Repeat - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Schedules can be more complex, such as multiple collections per day, different time on say Tuesday to other days etc.

Scheduling a Collection at a GP Surgery
A list of Scheduled Collections
Collection Round Routes

Location Schedules can be monitored in real-time, to ensure that you have time to react to problems that are causing scheduled collections and deliveries to be missed.

You can also add Contract Names to each Location Schedule if you wish. So if you handle "Patient Records", "Pathology" and "Pharmacy" contracts, you can seperate out your Service Level reports.

Service Level Reports (KPI)

By having an Earliest and Latest Permissible arrival time, you can run Service Level (KPI Key Performance Indicator) reports at any time for all Contracts or a Single Contract.

Preventing Lateness

Both Location Schedules (arrival time at locations) and Driver Routes are monitored in real-time, so Transport Managers can see if something is going wrong, before it causes major problems.

You can also make use of automatic email notifications as well.

For Pathology, you can also monitor how long samples are on the Vans for, in real time. If need be, you can cross dock vehicles so that samples getting close to say a 4 hour window can be scanned onto a different van that is going to the Pathology centre straight away.


Routes can be set up by giving the route a name and allocating various collection and delivery poins (location Schedules):

  • Give the route a name, such as "Bournemouth North"
  • Allocate the Location Schedules to that route, such as:
    • 09:30 High Lane Clinic
    • 09:45 Smithson Surgery
    • 09:55 The Harvey Practice

In the Driver area, you can set up a default route for drivers that normally drive the same route.

Scanning Through Processes

DeliveryPoD allows custom Tracking Stages to be setup in minutes. These allow you not to just track the Collection and Delivery, but to add in stages that are part of your process. Perhaps:

  • Sample Assessed / Checked
  • Sample Delivered to Testing Line

The typical Tracking Process before this would be:

  • Logon to Mobile Computer
  • Unit selects the Drivers normal route, but gives an option to overide and select a different one
  • Scan Location Barcode (or barcode in booklet or select via menu)
  • Scan Items Collected
  • Obtain Name & Signature (if setup to prompt for those)

Unable to Collect or Deliver

Sometimes a driver maybe unable to get to a Surgery (or other collection / delivery point) or may find they cannot access it when they get there (surgery shut etc).

This can be recorded by both Text Entry (usually just select a drop down description) and by taking a photograph (optional) of say the GP Surgery door to prove beyond doubt you were there (the photograph and text description is date and time stamped).

Broken Seals can be recorded using the PDA's camera

Further Information

For further information, please contact us on 01202 606113 or send an email to

We are happy to provide onsite and online demonstrations of our systems.