Delivery Tracking Software
proof of delivery system

Proof of Delivery System

DeliveryPoD provides a proof of delivery solution for many types of environment, ranging from internal delivery to third party logistics tracking.

Our system uses a combination on barcodes, RFID Tags, mobile computers and software in order to track items to the person who needs them. Once there, typically the person signs on the mobile computer screen to acknowledge that delivery has taken place.

There is a lot of specialised information available on this website, depending on exactly what type of system you are after.

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Proof of Delivery Software

DeliveryPoD is a web based solution, which means that proof of delivery information is held on a website, where people can go to access that information.

The system is highly configurable, so it configures around the way you want to work.

We use PC software to produce tracking labels with barcodes on. There is an option to produce labels via the website, but we prefer to configure for PC based printing so that you can carry on with operations even if the network / internet connection is down.

Proof of Delivery Mobile Computers

We use industrial mobile computers to track items throughout the delivery process.

At the delivery stage it is common practice for the person receiving the item to sign for it on the mobile computers screen. This eliminates paper work and allows the proof of delivery information to get back to base in a few seconds (if using 3G / GPRS).