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University Tracking Systems

Our DeliveryPoD Tracking system addresses many tracking requirements in a University environment, so a University can purchase a system and use it for a wide variety of tracking applications.

The web based system caters for

  • Single Journey Items - such as parcels and mail.
  • Long Term Assets - such as Audio Visual Equipment, Keys, Passes, Loan Equipment etc.
University Tracking System

The system uses Barcodes (or RF Tags) to track items, using Mobile Computers or for fixed station tracking a PC / Laptop with USB Barcode Reader and Signature Pad.

Mobile Computer and Fixed Station Tracking

The system used configurable Tracking Stages that are set up to match what you want to do at each step of the journey. The Tracking Stages are then deployed to your Mobile Computers and any PC's / Laptops that are used for tracking.

Tracking stages are given a name and boxes are ticked to cater for things such as:

  • Delivering (perhaps obtain a name and signature)
  • Store item in barcoded location
  • Scan onto a Trolley or Vehicle
  • Deliver with a Trolley or Vehicle
  • Loan (with due back date) or Allocate to a Person
  • Pass to Courier
  • Proof of Posting
Tracking Stage Setup

The system is Web Based, so reports and searches are caried out using an Internet Bowser already on your PC, Laptop or Tablet. Access to reports and searches is license free, so you can roll the system out cost effectively.

Web Based Tracking System

A full audit trail is available for every item that is tracked.

With single journey items such as Mail and Parcels, there are a suit of tools to help with Service Level Agreements:

  • Set up as many Delivery Services as you like
    • Give a service a name such as "Standard Mail", "Urgent Mail"
    • Set the service parameters such as deliver within 4 hours of arrival at site or deliver all items that arrive between 9am and 1pm by 4pm etc.
  • DeliveryPoD Pulse allows you to:
    • See how you performed against your set service levels

      Mailroom Service Level Report
    • View items within a set period of being late, perhaps excluding those loaded onto Mail Trolleys. This allows you to see in real-time items mislayed in the mailroom, but with enough time to recover the situation and still deliver on time.
    • View failed delivery attempts and spot common patterns. For example "We had 55 instances of Nobody Available To Sign and 50 of those relate to the Social Science Dept".

Whilst traditional mailroom systems only cater for inbound mail and parcels, DeliveryPoD also has a full Asset Tracking module built in, which allows the sytem to cater for Long Term items such as:

  • Campus Funiture (Street Lamps, Benches, Display Boards)
  • Camera and Audio Visual equipment loaned to students
  • Room Key and Master Key allocation and loans
  • Visitor Passes and Car Park Passes
  • IT Assets 
  • Recycling Bins - with ability to record recycling processes
  • Waste Management - scan the bins through your set waste management processes to obtain a full audit trail.

So basically you have a highly versatile system for use all over the University. Now you can use a single system for multiple uses and gain substantial cost savings.

What can you Record?

At any Tracking Stage / Process you can record any of the following:

  • Obtain a Name (text entry) and / or Signature
  • Move Into / Out of a:
    • Mail Trolley Barcode Option
    • Vehicle
    • Courier
    • Location (2 levels - Site / Building, Location) Barcode Option
  • Take Phtogragh (mobile computers have inbuilt cameras)
  • Record Damage (text and photograph)
  • Record Failed Delivery attempt (text and photograph)
  • Loan to Person (with due back date)
  • Allocate to Person

Application Areas

DeliveryPoD can be used for a wide variety of applications within a university:

  • Mailroom (receipt from courier to delivery)
  • Hall of Residence Parcel Tracking
  • Print and Copy Bureau Tracking
  • Room Key and Pass Allocation
  • Exam Paper Tracking
  • Loan Items Tracking 
  • Waste Management and Recycling Tracking

Mailroom to Staff Tracking

Our Mailroom Tracking application is perfect for booking in inbound mail and parcels and tracking them to staff and students within the site.

Mailroom Tracking

It is capable of handling multiple sites and provides license free access to reports and searches for both staff and students.

For more detailed information on Mailroom Tracking click here.

Hall of Residence Parcel Tracking

A typical deployment to a hall of residence works on these lines:

Student Information and Email Address is imported into DeliveryPoD regularly.

  • On receipt the Courier Barcode is scanned (which auto detects the Couriers Name)
  • Predictive text allows you to select who it is for (normally only 3 characters are needed to be typed)
  • A Tracking Barcode is automatically printed and an Email is sent to the student to tell them that they need to collect their parcel.
  • The student comes to the Reception Area where their parcels are scanned and they sign for them using a Signature Pad.

    Signature Pad
  • You can also allow students access to their own area of the website so that they can see what has arrived for them etc. This is license free - as you may have a lot of students!

For more information - please call us on 01202 606113

Print and Copy Bureau Tracking

DeliveryPoD has been in use in a University Print and Copy Bureau for over 6 years.

Work being dispatched to the customer is labelled using DeliveryPoD so a Barcode Address Label is applied to each item you wish to track.

Commonly it is configued to automatically email the person due to receive emails on certain conditions. For example at Leeds University and email is sent to let the receiver know that their items have been loaded onto the delivery van.

The items are tracked through each step of the process, which is typically:

  • Scan onto Van (select vehicle, scan items)
  • Deliver Item (scan item, obtain name and signature)

Print and Copy Bureau Tracking System

You can of course use Mail Trolleys, Store Items in Barcoded Locations etc.

For more information - please call us on 01202 606113

Room Key and Pass Allocation

You can allocate Room Keys and Passes to students and staff using DeliveryPoD. These might be loaned (with a due back date) or permanently allocated to a person.

Keys, Passes are bacoded so they can be tracked very precisely. Storage Locations are barcoded (either at Key Safe level or individual key hook level).

Typically the person signs for the item so there is an electronic record of when they received their key or pass, when it is due back, who signed for it and when.

When the key or pass is returned, the Location Barcode is scanned so you know exactly where every key or pass is.

For more information - please call us on 01202 606113.

Exam Paper Tracking

Our tracking system allows you to keep track of exam papers throughout their life:

  • Production
  • Storage (Scan Location Barcode etc)
  • Deliver to Site / Location
  • Load Onto Van or Pass to Courier
  • Scan Into Marking Centre etc

Tracking Stages are configured specifically for you, so the solution fits around you and how you wish to operate.

For more detailed information on Exam Paper Tracking click here.

Loan Items

Around a University there are many departments that loan expensive items to staff and students.

For more detailed information on Asset Tracking click here.

Waste Management and Recycling Tracking

You can set up Asset Descriptions for each type of Bin such as:

  • Clinical Waste
  • Paper Recycling
  • Plastic Recycling

Tracking Stages are set up for each process you may wish to record against any given bin, for example:

  • Process Clinical Waste
    • Scan Location Barcode (record where process was done)
    • Scan Bin Barcode
    • Take Photograph (added check)
    • User Signs Screen
    • User Name and Date Time are automatically added
  • Recycle Paper - Similar to above
  • Return Bin
    • Scan Location Barcode
    • Scan Bin

      Now we have a record of where the bin was returned to

For more information - please call us on 01202 606113.