Business Centres

DeliveryPoD - Business Centre

DeliveryPoD Mailroom is perfect for Business Centres as it provides both the essential features for any Mailroom or Reception with ones that are specific for business centres (that have a number of separate tenants that need to be accounted for separately).
If we look at the features needed for a Mailroom or indeed a single Reception Area where packages are received:

  • Quick Receipt of Items

  • Select Person / Company Fast Predictive Text—just type a few characters of their Name, Department or Company to see the list shorten (similar to your phone)

  • Scan Couriers Barcode to Record:
    • Couriers Tracking No
    • Couriers Name (Auto Selected)

  • Automatically email the Addressee to say a package has been received for them and invite them to collect it.

  • Customer arrives at Reception

  • Barcode is Scanned

  • If correct person is signing, their name is obtained from the barcode, so there is no need to type it it (saving time). If somebody else is collecting it for them, their name is typed in.

    Typically we would configure an automatic email, so when this occurs the addressee is sent an email to let them know that a colleague has collected their item, so avoiding the old issue of the colleague forgetting to pass the items on.

  • Customer signs using the Counter mounted Signature Pad.
The customer signs on the Signature Pad. Notice that they can see the number of items they are signing for and as they write, ink appears under the pen tip, so the process is very natural.

Need to Deliver Items?

Delivery Tracking System
Mobile Computers can be used to track deliveries to business centre customers, if a delivery service is run.

If you need to deliver items, that is fine as you can simply use the DeliveryPoD Mobile Computer application for this:

We provide rugged mobile computers with the following specification:

  • Withstands multiple 1.8 meter drops

  • Full 8 hour shift on one charge

  • Inbuilt Barcode Reader

  • Camera for recording damage or failed delivery attempts

  • Data can be sent via these routes:
    • Desk Cradles
    • Wireless LAN
    • Mobile Phone Network (3G etc)
    • If using Wireless LAN or 3G, when out of coverage the data is stored on the device and sent when you come back into coverage or connect to a desk cradle.

    • Typically we configure 2 ways to Deliver Items:

      • Deliver By Hand
        • Scan Items
        • Obtain Name & Signature Name is in barcode (to save typing in most instances)

      • Deliver with Trolley

        • Load Trolley
          • Scan Trolley Barcode (or select)
          • Scan Items until Completed
          • Deliver with Trolley
          • Manifest shows Remaining:
            • Delivery Points
            • Items

          • Scan First Item
            • Mobile Shows Other Items for that Person / Company
            • Scan Other Items
            • Obtain Name
            • Obtain Signature

Business Centre Features

The challenge with traditional Mailroom Tracking Systems is that they expect everyone to work for the same organisation. On the other hand, DeliveryPoD was designed to handle Business Centres from the start.
For a start it is very fast and easy to book in items. It needs to be as typically this is done at Reception and that member of staff will be taking phone calls, welcoming visitors as well as booking in items.

Customer Portal

If you wish, you can give a person, department or company access to the system, but you can restrict their view to just items received for them personally, their department or company. They can answer their own queries 24 hours a day, without phoning you.

Special Requests

We are based in a Business Centre ourselves and hear many requests from other tenants, “when something for me comes in, can you let Julie Smith know” etc. DeliveryPoD allows you to set up custom email requests that apply to a Single Person. So if “Sally Tailor needs an email to go to her PA, every time an item comes in for her—it takes

Need to Store Items?

Should you need to store items either at the start due to having a large storage area, or due to you needing to book items off a trolley, this can be configured for you as well.
Locations can be given a name (e.g. “Storeroom – Rack A1”) and a Barcode can be printed for each Location. When storing items with a Mobile Computer, you can then:

  • Scan the Location Barcode (or select via a Menu)

  • Scan the items for that Location

The system now knows that those items are in that physical location.

Web Based System

DeliveryPoD is a Web Based Tracking System

DeliveryPoD is a Web Based System, meaning that to access Searches / Reports is all handled via a Web Browser already installed on your PC / Laptop / Tablet computer.

This makes it easy for both staff and clients (if you give them access) to find the information they need, without having to install special PC Software with all the associated IT permissions needed.

Easy, Powerful Searching

Clients will typically give you tricky things to search for:
“I was expecting something on Royal Mail, but my customer has lost the Tracking No and is not sure if they put may name on it”

With DeliveryPoD, just put in the Information you have (in this case “Royal” for Royal Mail in the Courier box, “Legal” in the Company/ Department box (the person asking was in “Legal Services”) and click on Search.

The results show quickly and you can now click on “Report” to see the actual Tracking Report.

Training And Support

Professional Services

We provide onsite training to get users up to speed very quickly. In some cost sensitive circumstances, we can provide online training.

Software is supported via both Email and Telephone during normal office hours.

We use TeamViewer which allows us to remotely access any PC (with the users / businesses permission), so we can check any PC specific settings or simply show you how to do something.

Managed Service / Pricing

DeliveryPoD is provided to most Business Centres as a “Managed Service”, meaning that we provide everything from hosting the web application to backing up the data for a annual fee.

The start up costs are therefore low:

  • Purchase any hardware

  • Pay for Setup and Training

  • First years fees

    The typical annual fee for a system where items are collected from reception is £3995 per year. This includes hosting, technical support and software.

The Website is hosted on our server at a UK Datacentre, with nightly backups going to a remote UK Location, so the UK Data Protection act applies to both the Server and Backup.

Software / Server technical support is included in the annual fee.