Delivery Tracking Software

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Web Based Asset Tracking System

DeliveryPoD Asset Track is a modern, web based Asset Tracking System that allows you to take control of your fixed assets and mobile assets.

Using a combination of barcodes, RFID, mobile computers and advanced web based software you can track any type of asset such as IT Equipment, Copiers, Fax Machines, Vehicles and Tools.

Full Tracking

Customer configurable mobile computer tracking stages allow you to track assets no matter what journey they go on.

  • Buildings, Locations, Trolleys and Containers
    • Option to print barcodes (quicker than select on menu)
  • Vehicles and Couriers
  • Loans and Allocations to staff and customers
  • Signature Capture, Name, Damage and Failed Delivery
  • Take a photograph (damage reporting / inspection etc)
  • Retires an Asset, Level of user who sees stage in report...

You can give each stage a name, tick the boxes and deploy it to the mobile computer in less than 30 seconds! more information

Full Audit Trail / History

The tracking reports allow to see precisely where an item is along with where it has been. more information

Location Audits

The Audit Function on the mobile computer allows you to carry out an Audit Check at any location. more information

User Defined Fields

The extensive use of user defined fields allows us to set up fields to record information that is important to you. Our user defined fields are what we call "Smart Fields" and have advanced features. more information

Single PC to a Corporate Enterprise

Our system is web based and scalable from a single standalone PC installation right the way through to hundreds of users with the website hosted on your (or our) server. more information

Colour Schemes and Styles

We provide over 20 standard colour schemes and styles for the website so you can pick the one you like the most. An external designer allows you to create your own colour scheme and style and change the entire website in a single click. more information


Advanced Mobile Computers

Our advanced mobile computer software allows you to capture signatures, names, scan barcodes (Asset, Location, Mail Trolley etc) and take digital photographs to record things such as damage.

Asset Tracking Mobile Computer

Data can be sent via Desk Cradles or instantly using your Wireless LAN or Mobile Phone Network (GPRS, 3G etc). more information


Easy to use, state of the art reports and search functions allow you to quickly find the information you are looking for. You can search / filter on any column, group data on any columns, drag columns into the order you want and it even remembers your settings. more information

Web Based System

Accessing the system could not be easier, just use the web browser on your PC, Laptop, Apple Mac, Smartphone or Tablet device (e.g. Apple iPad, Android Tablet etc).

Web Based Asset Tracking System

Web Browser access allows Tablets, Laptops, PC's, Smartphones

Of course if your device has a Wireless link to your network / website you can access Searches / Reports, wherever you are in coverage.

The website can be hosted on your private network (intranet), world wide web or even on a single PC.

There is no charge for accessing searches / reports. You can simply email the Web Address, User Name and Password to each person you want to provide access to.


Automatic Email requests can be set up to inform people when key events occur, such as a missing asset is scanned, damage is reported or a particular tracking stage is completed or failed. This can be for all assets, a category of asset, an asset description or a single asset. more information

Installation, Training and Support

We provide a full service company that provides everything from the mobile computers, barcode equipment through to onsite training of your staff and support. more information