Mailroom Tracking Check List

Mail Tracking System for Mailrooms
Delivery Tracking System

Web Based / Hosting Options

  • Web Based System

  • Free Access to Searches / Reports:
    • For Mailroom Staff

    • For Receiving Staff / Departments

    • Ability to restrict to items for Person / Department etc

Hosting Options

  • Host Website Yourself

  • Ask Us to Host Website

Ease of Use

  • Configured specifically for customer

  • Only asks for information you need

  • Features not used are hidden

Reliability / Offline Working

  • Reliability / Offline Working

  • Continue to work if Wireless LAN, Network, Server Down
    Receive Items and produce Tracking Labels.

Track Items

  • Store & Forward Capability in Mobile & All Software

  • Mobile Computers
    Rugged (1.5 meter drop, 26 times to concrete)
    Sealed (IP54 wind blown dust and rain)

  • Full shift on one battery charge

  • Hot Swapable Batteries for 24 hour shift work

  • Inbuilt Barcode Reader

  • Inbuilt Camera
    Photograph Damaged / Opened Items

  • Photograph Delivery Point to Prove Delivery Attempt

  • Take a Photograph for general use

  • Option to stop camera being used.

Data Communication Options

  • Desk Cradles

  • Wireless LAN

  • WAN (3G / 4G Radio)

  • Stores data when not connected

  • Automatic send when back in coverage or in cradle

Counter Collection / Tracking At Desk

  • Option to use PC / Laptop for Tracking

  • Counter based USB Signature Pad

  • Web Cam Option for Photograph (Damage etc)

  • Use Low Cost USB Scanner to Read Barcodes

Mail Trolley Support

  • Mail Trolley Barcodes

  • Scan Items Onto Trolley

  • Take Manifest on Delivery Run:
    • See Remaining Delivery Points / Items at any time
    • Scan First Item, PDA shows all items for delivery point

Vehicle Transport Support

  • Scan Onto Vehicle

  • Vehicle Manifest:
    • See remaining delivery points / items
    • Scan first item –PDA shows other items for delivery point

  • Postcode Route Restrictions
    • Checks Postcode of Parcel against Postcodes on Route
    • Stops You Loading onto Wrong Vehicle

Couriers & Proof of Return

  • Scan items onto / of courier for transfers

  • Proof of Posting / Passing to Couriers (returns)

Receiving / Booking In Features

  • Booking in takes below 20 seconds

  • Predictive Text to select Person / Dept with 3 characters

  • Scan Courier Barcode, Courier Name is Selected For You

  • Photograph Damaged or Opened Items
    • Separate Report for Claims Against Couriers (with photo)

  • Utility for High Volume Courier Delivery

Reports / Searches

  • Customise (Column Options: hide, width, header text, order)

  • Group on any Column or Multiple Columns

  • Export to PDF, Excel, Word with grouping maintained

  • Single Textbox Search
       e.g. Enter “Finance Jiffy Royal” and all Jiffy Bags, for
       Finance that came in on Royal Mail are shown

  • Live Report Mode –Data in grid changes in real-time

Service Level / KPI Monitoring

  • Set up your own Performance Zones (e.g. Early, Late, Very Late)

  • Calculate 1,000,000 items at a time

  • Manipulate data (column grouping, sorting etc)
    Export to Excel / PDF

Lateness Prevention Utilities

  • “Show me all items within 30 minutes not on trolleys”

  • Email alerts based on time before / after due date time

Automatic Email Trigger Options

  • Booked In

  • Damage Reported at Booking In

  • Delivered to Colleague

  • Delivered

  • Set Tracking Stage Completed

  • Failed Delivery Attempt

  • Set Time of Day
    (e.g. automatically send a summary or their Tracking Reports)

  • Within X Minutes Before or After Delivery Due Time

The above can be filtered so it only apples when going to:

  • A Particular Person

  • A Set Department / Company

  • Everybody


  • Multiple Booking In Points (limitless)

  • Users (limitless)

  • Multi Site Capable

  • Experience of 70+ sites, 1000+ staff on one Website

Expandable Into Other Areas

  • Paper Records

  • Loan Items for Patients

  • Room Key and Pass Allocation


  • No “per user” annual fees

  • Able to host yourself

  • Can be purchased through a GPS Framework Agreement