Training on DeliveryPoD

Onsite Training

In general we provide onsite training for our customers. This is so that we can ensure staff understand what we are saying and can spot anyone that might be struggling and give them a bit of extra help. Sometimes walking with someone and helping them to deliver their parcels with a mobile computer just gives them that extra bit of confidence.

Some Staff Are Nervous

We think it is important to understand that some staff did not grow up with Smartphones and the Internet, so they can be rather nervous of what they see as “new technology”, but we have yet to find anyone that has failed to master our software with the right amount of training.

Staff that use Smartphones often just know how to use our mobile application. However it is still important to double check and show everyone how to answer customer queries on the website quickly and easily.

Train the Trainer or Train everyone?

Often customers ask us to quote for training 2 staff to a high level, who then train other users. This works very well in our experience, plus it keeps the cost as low as possible.

We will tailor a program just for you. If you want us to train 2 or 200 staff, we can do that. We will discuss this with you during demonstrations and ensure that a training program is put forward that meets your needs exactly.

When training all users, a key consideration is whether staff can all attend at the same time. Often some staff provide cover (for the jobs they do), whilst others attend the training, later they swap over.

Online Training

In some situations (where top up training is required or staff are in remote locations), we provide online training – one to one.


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