Mailroom Inbound Item Count Tool

Courier Item Count Tool

DeliveryPoD Mailroom includes a tool for quickly counting the number of items received from a courier such as Royal Mail.

Couriers often expect you to sign their sheet, accepting that you have received all the items on their list. Our tool allows you to scan their barcodes, recording what has actually been received and giving you an accurate count.

The Potential Problem

The first potential source of a problem is when a Courier delivers a large number of items at a building and expects a member of the mailroom team to sign for say 220 items:

  • Counting the number of items is open to errors and it hardly helps matters that the Couriers driver is stood behind you, impatient to get away.

  • If the count does not agree, you inevitably have to go through it again, but now feel under more pressure

  • The danger is that the member of staff simply signs the sheet, yet maybe an item or two is missing.

The Solution Is Included in DeliveryPoD Mailroom

DeliveryPoD offers a better way to handle this situation:

  • Select the Courier (so it can check the Barcode on the item, matches the Couriers Barcode Format)

  • Scan the Couriers Barcode on each item

  • DeliveryPoD Counts for you, but it has some built in checks:

    • Does the Barcode match the Couriers Barcode Format (just in case a DPD item has slipped into a batch of Royal Mail items)?

    • If you have inadvertently scanned the same item twice it will warn you and lock the screen (see below)

  • The Count (which is now accurate) is displayed

  • The list of Courier Barcodes can be sent to the Website so staff can consolidate Items Received From Courier against Items Delivered to Tenants Staff

The Result

The exact number of items received has been recorded whilst the courier is there, plus we have a record of all Courier Barcodes delivered to the building.