Patient Record Tracking


DeliveryPoD allows you to track Patient Records within a Hospital as well as to and from GP Surgeries.

Patient Records are barcoded and can be tracked individually wherever they go:

  • Barcoded Locations within Records Centre

  • Wards (option to produce Location Barcodes)

  • GP Surgeries (option to produce Location Barcodes)

As they move they are tracked with a mobile computer or desk based scanner.

Records can also be placed into a barcoded Patient Record Bag (or other container) with a barcode on it. As you scan the Patient Record Bag Barcode all records within the Bag are moved through whatever tracking stage you are doing.

Track Records In Hospital

You can track Patient Records individually or in a Patient Record Bag or other Container to both Wards and for storage in the Records Centre.

Normally DeliveryPoD Location Barcodes are printed for each storage location, so putting files away is little more than scan the Location Barcode, then scan the Files / Records that are being stored in that location

Locations in DeliverypoD have 2 levels (Building and Location within Building). They also have tags, such as “File Registry” so you can can see all Patient Records in “File Registry” etc.

Mobile Computers for Tracking

Mobile Computers are used to track Patient Records or Envopaks.

  • Barcode Readers

        Scan Location Barcodes
        Scan Mail Trolley Barcodes
        Scan Patient Record Barcodes
        Scan Bag or Envopak Barcodes

  • Cameras for taking photographs of:

        Failed Delivery Attempts
            Locked Door / Surgery
            Empty Desk (Nobody to Sign)

        Damage or Broken Seals

  • Wireless Cards (Wireless LAN or 3G)

  • Touch screen for signature capture


Fixed Station Tracking

For tracking at fixed stations, we can use a USB Connected Barcode Reader (or Wireless version), a Web Cam (if you need to take photographs) and a USB connected Signature Pad (if you need to obtain signatures).

Track Bags to / From GP Surgeries

DeliveryPoD Patient Records also allows you to schedule the Collection and Delivery of Patient Records to and from GP Surgeries.

In addition to tracking Records Bags and / or Individual Records, the system also monitors:

  • Whether drivers arrived ontime, early or late per GP Surgery

  • How a route is going (is the driver running late or early)

When it comes to efficiency, you need to ensure that GP Surgery staff get used to ensuring everything is ready for their scheduled time and then ensure the driver arrives in their time window as frequently as possible.

Routes are created by giving the Route a name, such as “North Dorset”, “Southampton North West” etc, then you allocate scheduled GP Surgery Collections and Deliveries to the route.

Tracking Individual Records

In most cases, customers put Tracking Labels on Envopaks / Bags and track the bags themselves.

You can however track individual Patient Records to and from GP Surgeries. You can even do both at the same time.

Once in the hospital, you can track individual Patient Records around the wards or into a barcoded location in the file registry.

Combine with Other GP Collections

In several cases, customers have decided that if a Van is going to a GP Surgery anyway it might as well collect and deliver other things while it is there:

  • Pathology Samples

  • NHS Supplies and Logistics

  • Pharmacy Items

  • Patient Records

DeliveryPoD fully supports this, so customers can obtain good efficiency savings.

Location Audits

DeliveryPoD provides the ability to carry out an Audit at any physical location.

For example, you may wish to go to Ward 100 or the File Registry and scan all of the Patient Records there, so the software can check that everything is where it should be.

Automatic Emails

The system allows you to set up complex automatic email notifications. Here are a few examples:

  • Tell me when Record 10066556 (Mr C Jones) gets back to the File Registry

  • Notify me when a Location Audit registers that a file has gone missing

  • Tell me when a missing file is scanned

  • Notify me every time a particular record moves