University Wins Tracking Excellence Award


University of the Arts London delivers 20,000 items without loss

London, 09:00, September 2, 2016 – University of the Arts London has been awarded a Tracking Excellence award by Channel and Mobile Solutions. The award was presented to Emlyn Foody (Facilities Manager) who headed up the mailroom team who managed to deliver over 20,000 parcels to staff and students in its flagship site Granary Building without a single item being unaccounted for.

Mike Bowen (Director) – “We provide Mailroom Tracking systems to many clients which are great tools to help ensure all items are accounted for and delivered on time. However, it is always the combination of a well-run team of people and a good system that achieves the best results. Delivering 20,000 items without a single loss, is a fantastic achievement and I delighted to present our Tracking Excellence award to Emlyn and his team.”

Emlyn Foody (Facilities Manager) – “We introduced DeliveryPoD Mailroom a few years ago to ensure we had a full audit trail from receipt from a courier through to final delivery to people at desks. As time has gone on we have used more and more of its features to refine our service to achieve our ultimate goal of not a single item being unaccounted for, throughout the whole of last year and we delivered over 20,000 items without any items being lost.”

The end result is that staff and students get an excellent service, whilst the facilities department saves a substantial amount of money as it does not have to reimburse people for lost items.

Emlyn Foody added – “We are currently implementing the latest version of DeliveryPoD which allows us to grant staff and students the ability to log on and see what has arrived for them and where it currently is. This will further improve the service we offer to staff and students, whilst at the same time it will improve our department’s efficiency.”

DeliveryPoD is an Internal Tracking System that allows organisations to track items from point of receipt in a building (or multiple sites) through to delivery to people at their desks or barcoded locations. It is in use at many Public Sector and Private Sector organisations in the UK.

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