Pathology Tracking


A dedicated system to Track Pathology from GP Surgeries to the Pathology Lab

Transport Bag Tracking with Mobile Computers and Barcodes

Transport Bag Tracking

You can simply track the collection and delivery of Pathology Transport bags. Each bag will have its own barcode, which is simply scanned on collection and on delivery. You can mix and match with Sample Level Tracking if you wish.

Pathology Sample Tracking

Sample Level Tracking

Samples can be given their own barcode tracking label (GP can print via the Website or they can be given 2 part pre-printed barcodes). This is ideal for critical samples, where you may need to prove an individual sample was collected and delivered.

Tracking Pharmacy to GP Surgery with Location Barcode

Location Point Barcodes

Location Point barcodes can be produced for each GP Surgery you collect from. This enables the driver to just scan the Location Barcode, before scanning what they are picking up and / or delivering. This is much faster and more accurate than using menus. You can have multiple locations in each building (surgery / lab) if you wish.

keeping things on time

Samples are time critical

Whether you are tracking transport bags, individual samples or a combination of both, you need to ensure they are delivered within your time window. DeliveryPoD gives you real-time early warnings of bags / samples that are getting near their threshold. This allows you time to take corrective action. DeliveryPoD supports “Cross Docking” – the transfer of items / bags to another van that is going straight to the Pathology Lab

GP Surgery Schedules

Creating Good Habits

Each GP Surgery / Clinic can be given a set of scheduled Collection Times, which are then monitored so you can see whether drivers are arriving between the Earliest and Latest Allowed Times.

This helps GP Surgeries to expect the driver at the scheduled time, so the bags / samples are ready to collect.

By monitoring arrival and departure times you can even see which surgeries are holding the drivers up. Surgeries don’t realise that talking to a driver for 5 minutes is creating an issue with the first samples they collected!

Scheduled collections can be placed into routes with a name, such as “Preston North”. The time a route is started and finished is recorded, so you can see behavioural patterns that might lead to issues such as a driver consistently starting a route late.

Multi Contract Capable

Reducing Cost for the NHS

Lets face it, there is a cost to simply get a van to a GP Surgery or clinic. If we can take Pharmacy, NHS Supplies, Patient Records to the Surgery, then collect Pathology, Patient Records we can massively reduce the overall cost to the NHS. This is why DeliveryPoD supports multiple contracts on the same van. You can go as far as stipulating individual actions for each GP Surgery, such as “The Harvey Practice – Delivery Pharmacy, Deliver Supplies, Collect Pathology” – when the Location Barcode is scanned the driver is instructed accordingly. Data can be separated out for each contract as well, so Pharmacy, Patient Records and Pathology can have separate reports. As with everything in DeliveryPoD – you can configure this on or off.

Sample Times on Vans

Keep within 4 Hour Window

Ensuring that samples / transport bags are not on vans beyond the fixed time window can be a difficult challenge. DeliveryPoD provides real-time alerts of when samples get within a set period before / after their time window. Transport Bags can be monitored with Transit Sure, a utility that shows bags withing a set period of their time window. Cross docking (transfer of bags / samples from a van continuing on a route, to another van on its way back to the lab). Combined, these features give you the means to massively improve your performance.