Delivery Tracking Software

Full Audit Trail

DeliveryPoD Asset Track provides a full audit trail (tracking history) for every asset in the system.

To access the full details of an asset and its audit trail / tracking history, you simply find the asset you are interested in any of Asset Tracks reports / searches, select that asset and click on the "Tracking Report" button.

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Export To PDF

The on screen report can be exported to Adobe PDF format, so it can be emailed, printed or saved to disk.

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Asset Tracking Audit Trail


Drill Down from Any Report

You can quickly access a tracking report / audit trail from any Search / Report.

This is really convenient, so if you are in the Location Manifest report and want to look at an assets detail, you can just drill down from there to see the full audit trail. This applies to all reports.

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What is in a Tracking Report?

The tracking report has two sections:

  1. Asset Information
    The top section lists all the information about the asset, such as the Description, Category, Owner, Date Commissioned as well as any user defined fields.
  2. Tracking Information / Audit Trail
    The second section shows you where the asset is and where it has been. The top most entry tells you the last known location of the asset, but you can look further down to see every bit of tracking history.

    If you look in the Extra Information column, you can see things such as the name of the person who scanned the asset, details of any Courier or Vehicle the Asset was loaded onto, the physical location an asset was scanned into etc.