Delivery Tracking Software
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Enterprise Tracking System

DeliveryPoD Enterprise is an off the shelf system for tracking high value or sensitive documents, files and data disks to staff at their desks across multiple sites.

Multi Site Internal Tracking System 

In many environments the cost of sensitive documents not getting through can be measured in millions of pounds:

  • Loss of Reputation
  • Confidential Information being passed to a competitor
  • Industry Fines

That is where DeliveryPoD Enterprise comes in:

Desk in London to a Person in New York

Imagine you worked in a London office and needed to send a confidential document to a member of staff in the New York office. If it goes astray, the consequences are horrific, perhaps you would track it with DeliveryPoD as follows:

  • Print / Attach a Tracking Barcode to the item
    • An automatic email is sent to the person it is addressed to, letting them know it is in the system. Perhaps allowing them to track it.
  • Scan Onto Mail Trolley - So the system knows which trolley / building it is on and which member of staff is with the item.
    Tracking a Parcel      Scan onto Mail Trolley
  • Scan Into Mailroom - Scan a barcode in the location of the mailroom where the item is.
  • Scan Onto Courier - Recording Courier, Courier Tracking No, Drivers Name, Drivers Signature etc.
    Scanning Item Onto Courier
  • Scan Into New York Office - Perhaps scan a Location Barcode so you know the exact location within the office.
    Scanning Item into Office
  • Scan Onto Mail Trolley - So we know which trolley it is on, in which building and who has it.
    Tracking on mail trolley
  • Deliver to Person - Scan the barcode, obtain a name and signature.

    Signature capture on delivery

    • You may have automatic emails such as:
      • Send Email on Delivery
      • Send Email to Addressee if the person signing is not the person it was addressed to

DeliveryPoD Enterprise is configured around what you want it to do, so the above is just an example. We provide full support for using your own vehicles, sortation depots, warehouses and cross docking!

The message, that we can track it through every step of the journey is hopefully coming across load and clear.

The system knows who sent it, where it is going, whether it has arrived and where it is currently.

Example Tracking Report - Click Image To Enlarge

The above example report shows the level of tracking available. For example if the item was scanned onto the courier but never scanned off, you know the courier has the item.

Web Based System

The system is web based, so people needing to access Searches and Reports simply do so via their existing web browser. There is no need to install new software for this purpose.

Web Based Tracking Software

In most cases we suggest that a customers server is used for hosting the website and Microsoft SQL Database. This means that our customers own / control their data.

Send from Limitless Locations

DeliveryPoD allows you to configure individual departments or even individual people as separate senders. Each has their own DeliveryPoD ID which is used so that the system knows who sent the item or who an asset / file belongs too.

Each Sender (department / person) can be granted access to their own section of the website, where they can see where their items are, what's has been delivered, whats has not etc. They can set up their own automatic email requests that only apply to items they send.

The system supports a number of ways of generating tracking labels, which you can mix and match to suit your organisation:

  • PC Software - print labels on a PC even if the network is down
  • Web Printing - print pdf labels from the website, no software to install on PC's
  • Pre-Printed Labels - Can be left with departments who send items, or taken with the person collecting mail and applied by them at the collection point (and scanned to register it was collected)

Buildings, Locations and Mail Trolleys

As well as delivering to people, you can also scan items into locations.

You can set up Sites and Buildings on the system and then create (or import) Locations and Mail Trolleys within that building. A location might be a persons desk or in tray box, a storage location, filing cabinet, shelf - pretty much anything really. The idea is that you can scan an item into a known location within a building so you know it is on "Mike Bowens Desk" in the "London Office".

Location Barcodes Scanning Item into a Location

If you wish, you can print barcodes for locations so a user can quickly scan the location barcode rather than select it from a menu. The items being placed in the location are then just scanned.

Mail Trolleys, Bags and Other Containers can be barcoded, so you can scan their barcode and then the barcode of each file, document, mail item or asset that you are putting into that mail trolley.

Now you can scan items onto a trolley (so the system knows it is in that trolley) and take a list of the destinations you need to visit and items on your trolley. As you scan the first item for a person / department it can warn you of other items for that delivery point that are on the trolley.

Scalable System

The system is web based and scalable from one user to many thousands - you simply use higher performance servers and higher performance editions of Microsoft SQL 2008 database as and when you need to.


Multi-Site Seamless Tracking

DeliveryPoD Enterprise - Tracking System

Please click on the image to see a full size version

DeliveryPoD Enterprise provides seamless tracking across multiple sites. It combines all of the following attributes into a single seamless package:

  • Internal Tracking - Scan onto Mail Trolleys, Scan Into Locations, Deliver to People, Deliver to Unmanned Locations etc
  • External Tracking (Courier / Own Fleet / 3PL)
  • Single Journey Items - mail, parcels, document transfers
  • Long Term Tracking - assets, files and documents that may be in circulation for many years.

Since this is a single, seamless system - staff using the mobile computers to transport and deliver items can scan Mail, Assets, Documents and Files at the same prompt on the same mobile computer at the same time.

Mail, Parcels and Single Journey Items

If an item simply needs to go on a single journey, a tracking label with a 2D Barcode is attached to the item, so it can be scanned through each step of its journey.

Parcel Tracking Barcode Label

When a tracking stage that is deemed to deliver the item is completed, the item is marked as delivered so you can quickly and easily see what has and has not been delivered.

More information on Mail Tracking and Document Tracking

File and Document Management

Files and Documents that you need to keep track of for years are booked in on day one and are given a long term tracking label with a 1D barcode on it.

These files and documents can now be tracked for years no matter where they go. A dedicated file and document management system is built in to not just track them, but manage them as well.

The part of the system is ideal for things such as  Patient Records, Property Deeds, Legal Documents, Court Papers and Government Records.

Being a dedicated system in its own right, the system covers things such as:

  • File Registry
  • Long Term Storage
  • Transfers to Staff and Customers
  • Loans with Due Back Dates
  • Planned Destruction Date
  • Location Audit Checks

More information on File and Document Tracking click here

Asset Tracking and Management

The system has a dedicated Asset Management section that allows you to book in a new asset and apply an Asset Tracking Barcode to the asset. Now it can be tracked throughout its life, no matter where it goes.

Rather than being a simple add on module, it is a dedicated system in its own right and is sold separately. It provides functionality such as:

  • Allocation of Assets to Staff and Customers
  • Loan of Assets to Staff and Customers with Due Back Dates
  • Scan into Mail Trolleys, Buildings, Locations within Buildings
  • Scan onto Couriers, Own Vehicles, 3PL Vehicles
  • Delivery to Person or Unmanned Location

        Asset Tracking Location Audit
  • Location Audit - Checking that assets registered as being in a physical location are actually there. The picture above shows an audit of an IT Department Shelf where Printers, GPS and Expensive Software Disks are stored.

More information on Asset Tracking - click here

Automatic Email Requests

Users can set up automatic email requests to keep people informed:

  • Staff
  • Addressee (the person an item is addressed to) - mail, parcel and document transfer only
  • Asset and File Owners

Email requests can be for individual items, all items sent to a specific person or all items.

The email will list all of the user defined fields, the tracking barcode and a description of the item being tracked.

The trigger (reason why the email is sent) can be set to things such as - a specific tracking stage executes (e.g. loaded onto van, passed to courier, delivered), failed delivery attempt, damage reported, delivered to a colleague (not the person it was addressed to). You can configure the email to have a link to the tracking report.

This helps avoid disputes and maximises customer service.

Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers are used to track items as they pass through the different tracking stages.

The user selects the Tracking Stage they wish to use and follows the on screen prompts.

Signature Capture on Mobile Computer Damage Recording on Mobile Computer  Auditing a Location with a PDA 
Signature Capture  Recording Damage  Auditing an Asset / File Location 

Where you store files, documents and assets, you may wish to audit these locations (check that all items expected in the location). The mobile computer is used for this, you scan the location barcode (or select it from a menu) and then scan all the files, documents and assets in that location - the system is then updated automatically.

Highly Configurable System

DeliveryPoD configures around the way you wish to work. Even things such as the start up order or report columns, titles in columns etc is all configurable.

Tracking Stage Setup - Click to Enlarge

Everything from Tracking Stages is set up for you and you can adjust things yourselves at any time.

Technical Information

DeliveryPoD was produced entirely by our own staff in the UK, using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

The website is an ASP. Net web application that runs under IIS (5 upwards) and ASP. Net 4.0 upwards. It can be hosted on a standalone PC (need to check operating system) and servers.

The database ranges from Microsoft SQL Express 2008 (free edition) for smaller systems through to Microsoft SQL 2012 Enterprise R2.

We would jointly look at the scale of a project and agree the appropriate server hardware and database configuration to match the amount of data / concurrent users.

The mobile software was also produced in Visual Basic .NET and can run on Microsoft Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded devices.