Delivery Tracking Software



Exam Paper Tracking System

DeliveryPoD Exam Track is a tracking system to keep track of exam papers.

The system uses Configurable Tracking stages with Barcodes to keep track of the papers through any of these steps:

  • Storage of Papers - Scan Location Barcode or Select Location

        Locations are 2 Levels:

        i) Building - e.g. "Exam Centre", "QE School Wimborne"
        ii) Location within Building - e.g. "Store Room 2 - Shelf A"

        You may ask the person to sign the mobile computer screen.
  • Pass to Courier - Recording which courier details.

        Typically items are scanned onto say "DHL" and then on arrival, the next tracking stage removes them from the list of items on "DHL" and moves them into the new Location.
  • Book Into Building / Area - Scan Location Barcode
  • Scan Into Exam Hall
  • Scan Onto Courier or Own Van
  • Scan Into Marking Centre
  • Scan Through Marking
    perhaps recording who marked the paper
  • Scan into Exam Centre Storage

You can have as many Tracking Stages as you wish and at each one prompt the user to do as many of the following as you need for that stage:

  • Scan Location Barcode or Select Location
  • Obtain a Name and / or Signature
  • Select a Vehicle or Mail Trolley
  • Select a Courier and enter any further Courier Details
  • Take a Photograph

Tracking Stages are Configured Specifically for each Clustomer

Basically we configure the system to work as you need it to.

Enterprise Coverage

Exam papers will typically be printed at one site, stored somewhere, transfered to a School / University, Stored, Issued to Exam Hall, Sent for Marking, Marked and finally Stored.

Enterprise Coverage

DeliveryPoD can track each and every step of this journey, so you know where everything is even if some are in schools, some in a warehouse and others being marked.

Full Audit Trail

The key benefit is a full Audit Trail from start to finish:

  • Who did what
  • When they did it
  • Names, Signatures and Photographs
  • Details - e.g. Vehicle Registration, Courier Name, Drivers Name, Signature etc.
  • Where Stored - Typically barcodes are used to mark storage locations, so staff cannot misplace something so you know you can find it weeks or years from when it was stored

Track Using Mobile Computers and Laptops

If a Tracking Stage is used near a PC or Laptop (perhaps at a marking area) you can use the PC version of the Tracking Software with a USB Signature Pad, USB (or Bluetooth) Barcode Scanner and Web Cam.

Fixed Station Tracking Equipment


If a user needs to be mobile, a mobile computer with inbuilt Barcode Scanner, Camera is the best bet:

Mobile Computer

Tracking data is stored on the mobile computer, but is automatically sent when it is placed in a docking cradle.

Wireless LAN and 3G / 4G options are also available (data is stored when out of coverage, but automatically sent when it goes into coverage).

Typically customers use industrial units which are designed to withstand many drops to concrete from 1.5 meters. In addition they have long battery life (full 8 hour shift on a single charge) and hot swappable batteries.

Inbuilt cameras can take photographs to record damage, non-sealed envopacks (secure document pouches) as well as unable to deliver situations (for example a van driver taking a photograph of somebody's front door in order to prove they did try to deliver (but nobody was in).