Delivery Tracking Software

Multiple Site Mail Tracking

DeliveryPoD Mailroom fully supports multiple site mail tracking.

multiple site mail tracking system

This might be for just incoming mail, where you want overall visibility across multiple sites or it could also encompass inter site tracking of mail, parcels and documents.

  • Incoming mail at multiple sites
  • Secure transfer of mail from a location on one site to a person at another site

Highly Configurable

The system is configured around you and your precise needs.

We use Configurable Tracking Stages to configure the system for you. It only takes a few minutes, but it gives you a system where you only see what you need to see - which makes it easier to use.

For more information on Tracking Stages, please click on this link

Simple Incoming Mail Only

A simple system, just for incoming mail (not using mail trolleys)might just have these tracking stages:

  • Deliver Item - Obtain name and signature
  • Return to Mailroom Store - for items you could not deliver. You can set up Locations within a room and barcode them, so you can scan to a particular location (e.g. "Mailroom - Top Shelf").

This can work across multiple sites as each mailroom is set up as a separate sender (entry point) so you can see where incoming mail originated from, as well as the addressee details (who it is going to).

Of course, it can be configured for mail trolleys, vehicles etc (the above is just an illustration that it can be very simple).

The Sky is the Limit

Imagine that you wanted to track highly confidential documents or data disks from a desk in one site to a desk in another. Now, we might configure the system with these tracking stages (it only takes a few minutes):

  • Scan Onto Mail Trolley - Scan the mail trolley barcode (or select from drop down menu) - then scan the items on. The system now knows they are on that particular trolley.
  • Deliver with Mail Trolley - The mobile computer knows what is on the trolley, so it can help in a few ways:
    • Allows the user to see remaining delivery points and items
    • As you scan the first item off, it can look for other items for that delivery point that are on the trolley. This can be configured to work at "Person" level or "Department" level.
    • When you scan the last item for that delivery point, it tells you so you do not have to look through all the items on your trolley to check
    • Finally you obtain a single signature (an optional name), which is used for the delivery of all the items.
  • Scan Into Mailroom - For both items that could not be delivered and outgoing items. The stage will probably use "Locations" within the mailroom, so you scan a location barcode in the area you are leaving the items.
  • Scan Onto Courier - Here you would select the courier, so the system knows which courier the item is on (until it is scanned off the other end). The stage can be configured to record other information including:
    • Drivers Name
    • Signature
    • Courier Tracking Number (so you can cross reference)
    • Price Paid
    • Weight
    • Service Used (e.g. "Next Day by 2pm" etc)
  • Deliver By Hand - Sometimes you may deliver an urgent item by hand to a department rather than using a mail trolley.
  • Customer Collects - You may need to cater for the situation where somebody pops into the mailroom to collect their item. Again you can scan the item, obtain a name and a signature.

The above stages can be executed in any order, so it might be:

At First Site At Second Site
1) Collection - Scan Into Mail Trolley 4) Scan Into Mailroom
2) Scan Into Mailroom 5) Scan Into Mail Trolley
3) Scan Onto Courier 6) Deliver with Mail Trolley


Inter Site Tracking

In many environments you may be handling mail, documents and other items that simply cannot be allowed to be lost. Here you will almost certainly want to scan an item through every step of the items journey, so you always know where it is, down to the vehicle it is in, the mail trolley, the physical location within a building etc.

The following diagram shows the level of tracking DeliveryPoD allows you to go to if you need it:

multi site tracking


Multi Site Tracking Reports

Manifest reports allow you to see all items in the system, no matter which site they are on, whether they are on couriers, in your vehicles, on mail trolleys etc.

Manifest Reports Menu

The manifest reports menu allows you to see what is in each:

Building Location within building Mail Trolley
Depot Own Vehicle Courier

Each Manifest Report shows what is in each Vehicle, Trolley etc. Grouping, filtering etc all work so you can organise the report as you want it.

Click to see full size image

If you click on the "Report" button in the left column of an item, you can drill down to the Tracking Report (see below):

Click to see Full Size Image

If you look in the "Extra Information" column of the Tracking Report, you can see who did each stage, the precise date and time, any vehicle, courier, building, location, mail trolley and depot details.