Delivery Tracking Software

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Pharmacy Tracking System

DeliveryPoD provides the perfect solution for Hospital Pharmacies that wish to have seamless tracking of their prescriptions from production to delivery in ward, GP Surgery or patient at home.

The solution also allows you to make the tracking data available to Wards and GP Surgeries, that need to see where their items are - but only their items.

Tracking with Barcodes

First of all a Tracking Label is produced for each seperate item you wish to track. You can enter all the information you need when searching, which is associated with that barcode:
Who it is for (typically a person, ward or GP surgery)
Perhaps the type of item and any other user defined field information.

From now on, anyone who is able to log onto the DeliveryPoD website can search for items using any part or parts of what you entered (e.g. Ward Name & Patient Name),
then once found they can see where it is.

Tracking through production (optional)

If you wish to remove paperwork from the production process, you can set up tracking stages to record things such as:

- Screening Process (Scan, Date & Time, obtain Signature)
- Into Production (Scan / Select Location, Date & Time)
- Quality Assurance (Scan, Date & Time, Signature)

Signature Pad

Please note that you can use USB Connected Barcode Readers and Signature Pads for this, with our PC / Laptop tracking software (you don't always need a mobile computer).

Delivery Tracking Process

Mobile Computer for Tracking Patient RecordsThis varies a fair bit depending on customer and where you are delivering.

If you are using a Ward Bag (Envopak) or Roll Cage you may wish to scan the individual item barcodes onto a Master Barcode which is then used to scan all the associated items through a particular tracking stage.


This is typically used to scan Bags / Roll Cages through either all of the journey (in which case you deliver by scanning the Master Barcode) or part of the journey (perhaps load onto trolley or vehicle, scan into a builing), followed by the Bag / Roll Cage being opened and the individual item barcodes being used to track each item to its own specfic delivery point / person.

The tracking stages set up, vary customer by customer, but here are a few examples:

Tracking to Wards

  • Load Trolley
    • Scan Trolley Barcode / Select Trolley
    • Scan Items onto Trolley
  • Deliver with Trolley
    • Scan Trolley Barcode / Select Trolley - this downloads a manifest so the user has a list of Delivery Points (Wards) and Items on Trolley
    • User Scans first item for Ward
      • Mobile Computer shows other items for Ward and invites the user to scan them off. Once done, they obtain a name and signature.
      • At any time they can see the remaining list of Wards and Items.
      • Scan other items for this ward
      • Obtain Name and Signature, which is applied to all items scanned.
  • Deliver By Hand
    • Scan Barcode
    • Obtain Name and Signature.
  • Customer Collects
    • Scan Barcodes
    • Obtain Name and Signature.

Tracking to Other Hospitals

If you are acting as the pharmacy for outlying hospitals, you might need to deliver roll cages to them. We can cater for any way you wish to do this, but typically this might be:

  • Scan into Roll Cage
  • Scan Roll Cage onto Van OR Scan Roll Cage to Courier
  • Scan Into Receiving Hospital - Scan Location Barcode (or select via menu)
    • Scan all Roll Cage Barcode
  • Deliver by scanning individual items
    • Obtain name and signature

GP Surgery Tracking Service

We can cater for both delivering with own vehicles (shown below) or passing to a courier / third party and then scanning on receipt in GP Surgery.

The process below is based upon using your own vehicles:

  • Load Van
    • Select Van
    • Scan Items or Bags being Loaded
  • Deliver with Van
    • Select Van - which downloads a manifest (so driver has a list of remaining delivery points and items)
      • Scan first item for GP Surgery, the mobile computer will show other items for his surgery and invite the user to scan them off
      • Obtan Name and Signature

PLEASE NOTE we also have a dedicated GP Surgery Collection round system.

Recording Unable to Deliver Situations

The Tracking Stage can be set to have a "Can't Complete" button on a tracking stage and also to define whether you want a Text Desciption of why And / Or Take a photograph.

In a Ward environment you might select the Text Description - "Nobody to Sign" and / or Take a Photograph of the empty reception area. With GP Surgeries, it might be "Surgery Closed Early"  and a picture of their door with closed sign.

Recording Damage or Unsealed Items

Should a user notice damage or say a seal on an envopak not being in place this can be recorded by both Text and by Taking a phtotograph.

Automatic Emails

Automatic email requests can be set for most situations:

  • Failed Delivery Attempt - For example send the Ward an email when a delivery failed.
  • Damage Reported - Send the Pharmacy Manager an email when somebody delivering the items notices a spilage, broken envopak seal or other issue
  • Particular Tracking Stage Completes - For example "Theatre 2" would like an Email when the Delivery Trolley has been loaded, so they have 10 minutes to ensure someone is there to take delivery.

These requests can be filtered:

  • Only apply to One Prescription
  • Apply to All Prescriptions
  • Apply to All Prescriptions for a Particular Person, Ward or GP Surgery

By ticking a box "Send to Email Address for this Contact" the receiving party (normally Ward email) is automatically put into the TO section of the email.

Basically you set up email requests once and leave them to run.

Wards, Theatres and GP Surgery Access

You can give anyone or any department access to the system, so they can see where everything for them is, 24 hours a day:

  • User Name and Password Controlled
    • One for each person or per ward / department
    • Tick boxes on what must match:
      • Persons Name - Yes / No
      • Department / Ward - Yes / No
      • Address Line 1 & 2 - Yes / no
      • Town and Postcode - Yes / No
  • Easy Logon via Web Browser
    • By the way - it is license free!
  • Users just see what matches their Logon
    • e.g. normally just things for their Ward
  • Search by typing in Filter box on any column or multiple columns
  • Click on Row, then Tracking Report to see where it is

The key point is that Wards / Theatres will love the ability to check things online 24/7 without phoning you. At the same time, the reduced number of phone calls and emails allow you to focus your time where it is really needed.

Self Service Portal

If you are also handling GP Surgery Prescriptions or outlying Hospital Orders - they can be given access as well.

Individual Items, Envopaks and Roll Cages

A key concept of DeliveryPoD Pharmacy is the ability to track individual items as well as move them into some form of container and print a barcode for that container.

  • Barcodes are produced for individual items - or to the lowest level that you wish to track
  • You can track individual item barcodes all the way to the end delivery point if you wish
  • You may however scan indidual items into a Bag / Envopak, Box or Roll Cage and then produce a "Master Barcode" which is stuck on the outside. Also from Spring 2016, you can have permanent Bag Barcodes.
    • Scan the "Master Barcode" / "Bag Barcode" to move all items inside through whatever Tracking Stage you are using.
    • Scan Individual Item Barcodes to move just that one item through the Tracking Stage you are using.
    • A typical "In Hospital" setup might work as follows:
      • Produce individual item barcodes as prescriptions come off the production line
      • Consolidate into a Ward Bag (Envopak) and produce a "Master Barcode" for the bag, if it does not have a Bag Barcode on it.
      • Scan Bags onto Trolley
      • Deliver Bags to Wards
    • A process to another hospital might be:
      • Produce individual item barcodes for each prescription line item
      • Scan into a role cage, then produce a Roll Cage Barcode (if one is not present).
      • Scan Roll Cage Barcodes onto Van (or onto Courier)
      • Scan Roll Cage Barcodes into outlying Hospital, receiving location (typically you would set up Buildings and Locations within Buildings and print a barcode for Locations).
      • Open the Roll Cage
      • Scan individual item barcodes to their final destination within the oulying hospital.

These are only ideas - in reality we configure DeliveryPoD to your exact requirements. That can be markedly different from the examples above.

Service Level Reporting (KPI's)

DeliveryPoD comes with full Service Level Reporting so you can set up:

  • Services
    • Give each Service a Name - such as "Standard 4 Hour" or "Urgent"
    • Define Start Time, End Time of Service and which days of the week it operates. Also how long you have to deliver the prescription (we support by set time of day or minutes from receipt).
  • Performance Zones
    • Give a Zone a name such as "Very Early" or "OK"
    • Define the time boundaries for each Zone, such as from 30 minutes early to 10 minutes early.

You can now run Service Level Reports for:

  • All Wards or Single Ward
  • All Services or Single Service
  • Date Range
  • You can Filter the Results - such as show me data for "Metformin"
Full Service Level (KPI) Reporting

The Tabs in the Report allow you to see all items by zone, failed delivery attempts etc. You can group on any column or columns and export the Data to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF files.

Preventing Late Deliveries

Lateness in Pharmacy delivery can have consequences, so rather than just use the Service Level Reports to see how often a target was missed, you can use DeliveryPoD Pulse to give you warnings in real-time when prescriptions are not running to time.


Further Information

For further information, please call us on 01202 607113 or send an email to